Sunday, April 23, 2017

Major Rivers of Nepal -Karnali

  1. Longest River of Nepal :- Karnali
  2. Second biggest river after Saptakoshi : Karnali
  3. Total length of Karnali :-507 K.M
  4. Coverage of Karnali River: Dhaulagiri Mountain on East to West of Nepal
  5. Assistant River of Karnali: Total 7 (Humla Karnali,Mugu Karnali,Thulo Bheri,Sano Bheri,Seti,Tila and Budiganga)
  6. Smallest and Biggest assiting rivers:
  7. Origin of  Humla Karnali:Tibet
  8. Origin of Mugu Karnali : Ladhak Mountain
  9. Origin of river Seti :Api,Saipal and Byas Mountain
  10. Origin of Kaligandaki:-Kanjirowa Mountain
  11. Origin of Sano Bheri :- Dhaulagiri Mountain
  12. Annual water flow Capacity:-1316 Cubic Meter Per Sec
  13. Karnali river in India is called :-Ghagra
  14. Electricity generating capacity:-32000 MW

Other two major Rivers are Saptakoshi and Saptagandaki

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