Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wildlife Reserves of Nepal

There are three wildlife reserves in Nepal. 
  1. Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserves
  2. Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserves
  3. Parsa Wildlife Reserves
.................Questions related to Wildlife reserves ......................................................................
  1. In which district Shulaphanta Wildlife Reserves lies ? Kanchanpur ,Mahakali
  2. When was  Shulaphanta Wildlife Reserves established ? 1976 AD (2033 BS)
  3. Total area covered by  Shulaphanta Wildlife Reserves is 305 Sq. KM
  4. The reserves range from 90 m to 270 m in height above mean sea level. 
  5. How many types of Bird Species are found in  Shulaphanta Wildlife Reserves ? More than 375.
  6.  Shulaphanta grassland in Nepal's biggest grassland area of 54 Sq. Km
  7. When was Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve Established ? 1976 A.D (2032 BS)
  8. Koshi Tappu lies in between Sunsari and Saptari. The place is called Kusaha. 
  9. Total area covered by Koshi Tappu ? 175 Sq. KM
  10. The height range from 100m to 150 m above MSL. 
  11. More than 490 bird species are found in Koshi Tappu Wild life reserves. 
  12. Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserves is listed in Ramsar protection area, when was it listed ? 1987 AD
  13. Parsa Wildlife Reserves is spread along Parsa,Makwanpur, and some area of Chitwan. 
  14. When was Parsa wildlife reserve established ? 1984 A.D (2041 B.S)
  15. Area of Parsa Wildlife Reserves ?499 Sq. KM
  16. Altitude variation of Parsa Wildlife Reserve : 500 m to 950 m
  17. Biggest Wildlife Reserve of Nepal? Parsa Wildlife Reserves. 
  18. Smallest wildlife reserve ? Koshi Tappu
  19. Which reserve of Nepal is famous for bird habitat ? Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserves.
  20. Before Parsa Wildlife Reserve was named it was called CharKoshe Jhadi. 

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