Monday, August 24, 2020

25 Aug

  •  Which among the following is not present in pure sugar ? Nitrogen
  • Which of the following correctly defines “Mother-of-pearl”?  A hard iridescent substance forming the inner layer of certain shells
  • The branch of science Herpatology deals with the study of? Amphibians and Reptiles
  • Change in genetic composition of a population is called as? evolution
  • Which among the following diseases is also known as “Pink Eye”?Conjunctivitis
  • Stapes, the smallest and the lightest bone in human body, is the part of which organ ?Ear

Friday, August 14, 2020

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Airports of Nepal

Following are the airports of Nepal. Highlighted airports are closed.

1. Baglung-
2. Baitadi_
3. Bajhang- 
4. Bajura
5. Bhojpur
6. Chaurjhari
7. Dang
8. Darchula- 
9. Dhorpatan- 
10. Dolpa
11. Doti- 
12. Falgunanda Sukilumba
13. Gorkha- No
14. Gulmi Resunga-
15. Jiri- 
16. Jomsom
17. Jumla
18. Kangel Danda-
19. Khani Danda-
20. Khiji Chandeswori-
21. Lamidada
22. Langtang- 
23. Mahendranagar- 
24. Manang- 
25. Maseinechaur- 
27. Phaplu
28. Ramechap
29. Rara
30. Rolpa-
31. Rumjatar
32. Salley
33. Sanfebagar
34. Simikot
37. Thamkharka
38. Tenzing Hilary Airport
39. Tikapur - 
40. Chandragadi
42. Biratnagar
42. Janakpur
44. Simara
45. Bharatpur
46. Kathmandu
47. Bhairawa
48. Nepalgunj
49. Surkhet
50. Dhangadi
52. Pokhara
53. Tumlingtar

New established airport of Nepal.

Following are the newly established airport of Nepal.
1. Falgunanda Sukilumba Airport, Ilam
2. Gulmi Resunga Airport, Gulmi
3. Khiji Chandeswori Airport , Okhaldhunga.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Corona Vaccine

1. Which country registered first Corona Vaccine ? - Russia.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Pi Network | Future Earning

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

24 June 2020 | GK Nepal

  1. Which is the first private space company to send astronauts into space? SpaceX
  2. When is the Global Parents Day celebrated by the United Nations, every year?- June 1

Monday, June 22, 2020

Million Mile Battery

  1. Which company has reveled the that its is ready to manufacture a battery capable of powering vehicle for 1.2 million miles (2 million kilometres) across the course of a 16-year lifespan?- Contemporary Amperex Technology (China)
  2. Recently around 60000-150000 miles warranties are offered in car batteries for electric vehicles.
  3. What are SpaceX and Tesla related to ? Elon Musk

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Current Affairs GK Nepal | GK Nepal | 22 June 2020

  1. When did Government of Nepal lifted ban on foreign employment after lock down due COVID-19 ? - 05 Asar 2077 (19 June 2020)
  2. How much amount IBN (The Investment board of Nepal has approved to invest in seven projects (Upper Marsyangdi Hydropower-2, Kaligandaki Gorge Hydropower, Isuwa Khola Hydroelectric, Myagdi Khola Hydropower, Ankhu Khola Hydropower, Dang Cement Factory and Samrat Cement Industry) ? RS 185.43 Billion. 
  3. What was the historic gold price in June ? RS 90600/ Tola as of 21 June 2020
  4. Which province of Nepal has announced that it develop its province as "digital province" ? - Province 5
  5. Which state of Nepal has prioritize to promote cottage industry and herbal processing in coming year ? - Sudur Pachim

Friday, June 19, 2020

100 Questions | GK Nepal | 20 June 2020

  1. When is International Albinism Awareness Day celebrated ? - June 13
  2. Albinism: Albinism is genetically inherited, non-contagious and results in lack of pigmentation in skin, eyes and hair. For the disease to be present at birth, both the parents must carry the gene of Albinism.
  3. What is the theme of International Albinism Awareness Day 2020 ? - Made to Shine
  4. According to The International Labour Organization and the UNICEF report named COVID-19 and Child Labour: A Time of Crisis, A Time to Act, COVID-19 will increase poverty that will eventually drive the increase in child labour. The report predicts that 1% increase  in poverty will lead to 0.7% increase in child labour.
  5. The UN Language days promote how many official languages of the organization  ?-6
  6. The official languages of the United Nations are English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and French.
  7. UN language Day : Arabic-December 18 English-April 23 Chinese-April 20 French-March 20 Russia-June 6
  8. World Food Safety Day  :June 7
  9. Theme of World Food Safety Day 2020 : Food Safety, Everyone’s Business
  10. UN Decade of Action on Nutrition : 2016-25
  11. Which is the first International Conference on Food Safety ? - Addis Ababa Conference
  12. Who is the richest person of the world as per Forbes 2019 ? - Jeff Bezos
  13. What is the targeted  economic growth of 15 Five years Plan ? - 10.1
  14. Where was Football invented ? - China in 476 BC
  15. When was football game first broadcast in television ? 1937 AD
  16. What is the average distance run by any player while playing football in one game ? 9.65 KM
  17. When is World Simsar Day celebrated ? - February 2
  18. When was Citizen Investment Fund established ? 2047 BS Chaitra 4
  19. Where do Nepal stands for invention in the world ? - 108
  20. When was NAST established ? 2039 BS
  21. When was GHANTAGHAR built ? 1951 BS (Birshumsher)
  22. By what rate temperature is increasing in Nepal ? 0.056 Degree C
  23. When was electric cargo rail was established form Kolkata to Biratnagar ? 2075 Chaitra
  24. Where is the biggest Solar Plant energy of Nepal ? - Nuwakot
  25. What is the total capacity of biggest Solar Plant energy ? - 25 MW
  26. When was 1.25MW of energy from Nepal biggest Solar plant connected to National transmission  ? - 03 June 2020
  27. When did USA President Donald Trump and North Korea supreme Kim Jon Un met for second time  ? 2019 AD February 27 and 28, Vietnam
  28. Which cricket player has the world record of 500 sixes in international cricket ? -Chris Gayle (West Indies)
  29. What is the theme of 2019 International Social Justice Day ? IF YOU WANT PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT WORK FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE
  30. When did Dravya Shah established Gorkha state ? 1616 BS Bhadra 25
  31. Which is the oldest tennis tournament of the world ? Wimbledon
  32. What is the total budget of Nepal for fiscal year 2077/2078 ? - RS 1474 Billion 
  33. Name the minister who announced budget speech ? Yubaraj Khatiwada
  34. What amount is recurrent expenditure for 2077/78 ? 948 billion
  35. When did government of Nepal decided to bring Nepalese from abroad on priority basis ? May 29 , 2020
  36. When did USA president Donald Trump announced to end it's country relation with World Health Organization ? May 29, 2020
  37. How many member state are there in WHO ? - 194
  38. What amount US is funding for WHO yearly ? - Approximately $450 million
  39. When was Sankaracharya borned ? - 845 B.S
  40. Where was Sankaracharya borned ? Kerela
  41. What was the original name of Bedbyas ? - Krishna Dupyan
  42. Who wrote Mahabharata ? Bedbyas
  43. What was the original name of Balmiki ? Ratnakar
  44. Who wrote Ramayana ? Balmiki
  45. Where is Balmiki Ashram ? Nawalparasi
  46. Who is the founder of Jain religion ? Mahabir Jain
  47. Who is the founder of Islam ? Paigamber Mohammad
  48. When did Paigamber Mohammad died ? 8 June 632
  49. When was European Economic Community established ? - 01 January 1958
  50. From when EEC was called European Union ? November 1 , 1993 AD
  51. What is the founder six member of EU called ? - Inner Six
  52. What are the other six member called of EU ? Outer six
  53. How many members are there in EU ? 27
  54. What is the slogan of EU ? - United in Diversity
  55. What is the currency of EU called ? Euro
  56. When did Nepal released revised political map that incorporates Limpiyadhura, Lipu Lekh and Kalapani, the territories encroached by India ? 20 May 2020, (07 Jestha 2077)
  57. Name the four religious places related to Buddhism ? Limbini, Bodhgaya,Sarnath and Kushinagar
  58. Which is the first state of Nepal to launch Health insurance in every of its district ? Far Western State
  59. Which Nepali company was awarded with "International Hospitality and Travel Award 2019" ? Chandragiri Hills Resort
  60. Which is the most coffee producing district of Nepal  ? Kavre
  61. Which is the first country to sign DTAA with Nepal ? India (1987 January 18)
  62. What is the full form of DTAA ? Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement
  63. With how many countries Nepal have agreement regarding DTAA ? 11
  64. When was "Peoples Electricity programme" launched in Nepal ? 2075 BS Falgun 2
  65. Where is tortoise preservation center in Nepal ? Sukhani Simasar Area, Jhapa
  66. When was Nepal Sambat declared as National Sambat ? 2065 B.S Kartik 8
  67. For what purpose more tourist visited Nepal in 2019 ? Entertainment
  68. What percent of total tourist visited Nepal for entertainment purpose ? 65
  69. What percent of tourist visited for trekking ? 17
  70. What percent of tourist visited for mountaineering and trekking ? 14
  71. When did Nepal’s cabinet made historic decision, to publicize Nepal’s map including Kalapani and Limpiyadhura ? 05 Jestha 2077(18 May 2020) Monday.What amount of royalty did Nepal government collected from mountaineering  in 2019? RS 686 million.
  72. Where are "Lepcha" caste people located in Nepal ?- Illam
  73. Where are "Gandarba" caste people mainly located in Nepal ? -Kaski
  74. "Makalu Mountain" is also known as ? - Jannu
  75. Name the footballer form Nepal to score first international goal ?YB Ghale 
  76. When did Nepali figure from literature Shiva Regmi died ? 2075 Galgun 8
  77. Where is Manmohak Bichitra cave in Nepal ? - Gulmi
  78. How  long is Manmohak Bichitra cave located in Gulmi ? 185 meter
  79. First International Simsar Summit in Nepal ? 2069 B.S Kartik 22-23
  80. Which Martyrs is called "Sahid Mahila" in Nepal ? Dasarath Chand
  81. When did Nepal Police used polygraph technique  for the first time in the history of Nepal ?-  6 February 2014
  82. Which year  Nepal celebrated  "GHUMFIR Barsa" ? 2073 BS
  83. Who is the writer of SUMMER LOVE ? Subin Bhattrai
  84. When was Mahakali Treaty between Nepal and India happened ? (1996 AD)2052 B.S Magh 29
  85. Who is called Absent population  ? Population in foreign for more than 6 months
  86. What is Machapuchre Himal also called ? Kumari Himal 
  87. When did Nepal sent its first satellite to space ? April 19, 2019
  88. What is the name of its first satellite ? Nepal Satellite-1
  89. What is the weight of Nepal Satellite-1 ? 1.3 KG
  90. Nepal Satellite 1 : The satellite will revolve around the earth four times a day. The orbit lies approximately 400 kilometres above the earth. The satellite is expected to take pictures of Nepal for six to 10 minutes during each revolution.
  91. Name the scientist who developed the satellite under the BIRDS project of their institute in collaboration with Nepal Academy of Science and Technology who are studying at Japanese Kyushu Institute of Technology ? Aabhas Maskey and Hariram Shrestha 
  92. First twins to reach space ? - Scott Kelly and Mark Kelly. 
  93. First country to germinate seed in moon ? China
  94. Which plant seed become the first plants to ever germinate on the moon ? Cotton
  95.  What ratio of employees of both formal and informal micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Nepal have lost their jobs as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, according to study  'Rapid Assessment of Socio-Economic Impact of COVID-19 in Nepal’  commisioned by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Nepal ? 3 out 5
  96. What percentage of  fall in remittance is likely to range this fiscal year due virus ? 15 to 20 percent
  97. What is the new decline Nepal’s projected pre-COVID GDP growth rate of 8.5 percent in 2019-2020 due COVID-19 ? 2.5%
  98. What percent of men lost their jobs during the lockdown, compared to 41 percent of females ? 28 percent. 
  99. What percent of tourist arrival in Nepal are likely to fall by Corona Virus effect  in 2020 ? 60 percent.
  100. Nepal has reported first coronavirus death on 16 May 2020. A 29-year-old female from Bahrabise of Sindhupalchowk tested positive for the deadly virus during PCR test at NPHL on Saturday, according to Health Ministry of Nepal.

The website GK-IQ.COM contains General Knowledge of Nepal and World. Many other aspects which comes under this universe are also accommodated with best effort possible. Every thing I learn and think important about any thing I try to cover in this website. There may be many mistakes, please feel free to comment about my mistakes. Thank you.

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