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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Current Affairs , GK Nepal : 14 Sp 2019

  1. BBIN Motor Vehicle Agreement was done between which countries in 2015 ? Nepal , India, Bangladesh and Bhutan
  2. When was Bhutan out from BBIN agreement ? 2016 A.D
  3. When did Bangladesh gave permission to use their port for Nepal ? 1997 AD
  4. When did Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe passed away ?  - 2019 September 6
  5. Which four country  first controlled Hepatitis B in South East Asia ? Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Thailand
  6. From when electric bus service started in Kathmandu ? 2076 BS Bhadra 23
  7. Which disease is caused by White Butterfly  to human eyes ? SAPU
  8. Who received HR Manager Of the Year 2019 in Nepal ? Anil Puri (Dabur Nepal)
  9. First children friendly Municipality of State 2 ? Kanchanrup Municipality (Saptari)
  10. When was G-7 summit held this year ? France (2019 August 24-25)
  11. Name the G-7 countries? Canada, France, Italy,Germany, Japan , Britain and USA
  12. From when Provident Fund of  Nepal started providing Insurance facility  ? 2075 Mangsir 1

Saturday, September 7, 2019

GK Nepal --08 September 2019

1. Who is the first bowler to get 100 wicket in T20 International cricket ? - Sakib Al Hasan
2. Locals in Dhangadi have started conserving which endangered species ? - Asian Wolly neck stork
3. Ganga Sagar Pokhari is located in which district ? Dhanusha
4. Who is the director of the Nepali movie Maruni ? - Nawal Nepal
5. When did Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Nirgay reach the summit of Mount Everest for the first time ? -1954

Laureus Award , 2019 Australian Open , 2019 French open, 2019 Wimbledon

Who is the winner of Laureus Award for Sportsman of the Year?
Answer: Novak Djokovic

Who is the winner of Laureus Award for Sportswoman of the Year?
Answer: Simone Biles from United states

Simone Biles is related to which sports item?
Answer: Gymnastics

Who is the winner of 2019 Australian Open Men's singles?
Answer: Novak Djokovic from serbia

Who is the winner of 2019 Australian Open Women's singles?
Answer: Naomi Osaka from japan

Who is the winner of 2019 French open Men's single?
Answer: Rafael Nadal

Who is the winner of 2019 French open Women's single?
Answer: Ashleigh Barty

Who is the winner of 2019 Wimbledon Men's single?
Answer: Novak Djokovic

Who is the winner of 2019 Wimbledon Women's single?
Answer: Simona Halep

GK Nepal , First Robot to receive citizenship, Sofia, gkiq

  1. From when " Parliament of Nepal" app was launched in Nepal ? 2074 Shrawan 12
  2. Which country in known as Cockpit of Europe ? Belgium
  3. When did Nepal and Louisiana relation was established ? 2019 August 27
  4. Till now with how many countries Nepal have established diplomatic relation ? 167
  5. Which is the 167 nation to established diplomatic relation with Nepal ? - Louisiana
  6. When was Quick Action Team formed to control the pollution of Kathmandu ? 2074 Mangsir 1
  7. In which year Nepal established diplomatic relation with many countries ? 2017 AD 12 Countries
  8. How many prime minister were changed during Rana Regime ? 10
  9. Tallest waterfall of Nepal  ?- Pachal Jharna, Kalikot
  10. When was SAARC established ?1985 AD December 8
  11. Which robot received Citizenship first time in the World ? Sofia

Friday, September 6, 2019

Famous Nick Names of Different people from Nepal

  • Leader of Democracy : Ganesh Man Singh
  • Unlucky King : Jay Prakash Malla
  • Mad King : Laxmi Narasingha Malla
  • Ineligible King : King Surendra
  • Justice King : Ram Shah
  • Mad Princes : Princes Surendra
  • Alive Martyrs : Tanka Prasad Acharya
  • King of Nation : King Tribhuvan
  • Sim Sime King :  Shiva Singha Malla

Saturday, August 10, 2019

10 Aug 2019 , GK Nepal

  1. Where in Nepal China-Nepal Friendship Industrial park is being planned to built ? - Damak (Jhapa)
  2. Which are the top five happy countries in World Happiness Report- 2019 released by Sustainable Development Solutions Network ? - 1. Finland 2. Denmark 3. Norway 4. Iceland and 5. Netherlands
  3. Which are the top five sad countries in World Happiness Report- 2019 released by Sustainable Development Solutions Network ?- 1. South Sudan 2. Central African Republic 3. Afghanistan 4. Tanzania 5. Ruwanda
  4. When was Central Cyber Bureau was established in Nepal ? 2076 Baisakh 29
  5. What are the name of two Rhino gifted to China ? Rupsi and Bhadra
  6. When were Rupsi and Bhadra gifted to China ? 2075 Asar 28
  7. New Capital of Kazakhstan ? Nur Sultan
  8. What was old capital name of Kazakhstan ? - Astana
  9. When was the Kazakhstan capital Astana was changed to Nur Sultan ? 2019 March 23
  10. \When did American President Donald Trump announced to return back American shoulders from Syria ? - 2018 December 19
  11. Love Waves  is related to ? Earthquake
  12. What is the new trekking route name of Langtang  Trails?- Prahalad Yonjon Redpanda Trails
  13. World Best teacher of the world  2019 ? Peter Nawachi (Kenya)
  14. When was series of Bomb attack took place in Srilanka ? - 20196 April 21
  15. World Famine Index 2019 ? Nepal stands in 72 position

History of Nepal Ancient to present : GK of Nepal: GK Nepal: Political Quiz of Nepal

15 General Knowledge Questions and Answers of Nepal

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

History of Nepal Ancient to present : GK of Nepal: GK Nepal: Political Quiz of Nepal

  1. First Gopal DynastyKing of Nepal ? Bhuktaman
  2. Last King of Gopal dynasty ? Yakcha Gupt
  3. Which dynasty ruled Nepal after Gopal dynasty ? Ahir Dynasty also called Mahispal
  4. Who ruled Nepal after Ahir Dynasty ? Kirant
  5. First King of Kirat Dynasty ? Yalamber
  6. Last King of Kirat Dynasty ? Gasti
  7. From when Lichhavi Dynasty ruled Nepal ? 300 BC
  8. First King  Lichhavi Dynasty ? Jayadev First
  9. What is the currency name first brought in use by Mandev ? Manank
  10. Who built Mangriha ? Mandev
  11. For how many years Lichhavi King Anshuverma ruled Nepal ? 16 years

Saturday, August 3, 2019

05 August 2019...GK Nepal..

1.Which Indian journalist won the Ramon Magsaysay Award 2019 ? - Ravish Kumar
2.Where is the Nepal- China Friendship Industrial Park is going to be built ? Damak
3.The apple capital of Nepal is ? Marpha,Mustang
4.Which gulf nation recently allowed it's female citizens to travel abroad without a male guardian's permission ? Saudi Arabia
5. Which policy did Nepal Rastra Bank recently unveil for the fiscal year 2019-20 ? Monetary Policy

Current affairs 03 August 2019..GK Nepal

  1. What is ISO 5000 quality assurance related to ? Solar Management
  2. What is ISO 50000 trademark related to ? Social Security Management
  3. Where in the world paddy farming is done in highest altitude ? Jumla (Nepal)
  4. "2011-2020 " UN decade is observed as ? Biodiversity Decade
  5. What is the online payment tax system of Nepal called ? Connect IPS (2075 Baisakh)
  6. Which king has ruled for long time in the history of world ? Bhumibol Adulyadej (Thailand) 70 years
  7. What rate of economic growth is prospected in the World as per report International Monetary Fund ? 3.2%
  8. World Tiger Day is observed on ? - July 29
  9. Which state has highest area of forest in Nepal ? - State 3
  10. How many fundamental rights are there in Nepal constitution ? 31

Friday, August 2, 2019

Current Affairs 03 August 2019

  1. The 52nd ASEAN Foreign Ministers' Meeting (AMM-52) has taken place in which city?- Bangkok
  2. Which city has been named world’s best student city in the QS Best Student Cities Ranking?- London
  3. What is the theme of the 2019 edition of World Day Against Trafficking in Persons?- Human Trafficking: call your government for action
  4. Who won the IBC 2019 International Honour for Excellence ?- Andy Serkis
  5. What is the theme of the 2019 edition of World Breastfeeding Week (WBW)?-Empower Parents, Enable Breastfeeding
  6. Who clinched the Formula One German Grand Prix 2019?- Max Verstappen
  7. Which is the host country for the 2019 edition of World Hepatitis Day (WHD)?- Pakistan
  8. Which Arab nation has recently launched its first Underwater Military Museum? -Jordan
  9. The scientists of which country have developed a method to convert Jute fibre into low-cost bio-degradable cellulose sheets?- Bangladesh
  10. On which date, the Nelson Mandela International Day (NMID) is observed?- July 18

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