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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Continental Drift


  1. Who first gave the theory of Continental Drift? : - German Meteorologist and Geophysist Alfred Wegner.
  2. Continental Drift Theory is also called? : - Wegner Theory
  3. When was Wegner Theory given? : - 1912 A.D
  4. From when Wegner theory was popular? : - 1924 A.D
  5. Continental Drift Theory is based on? : - Change in Environment (Jal- Bayu Parivartan)
  6. Jigsaw fit is related to? : - Geological Evidence of Continental Drift Theory.
  7. Wegner named the water area around the Earth as: -Panthalasa.
  8. In Carboniferous age, what was earth called which was one big ball? : - Pangaea
  9. Which sea existed in the place where Himalaya Mountain exists today? : - Thethys
  10. Pangaea divided into two parts Lowarensia (Northern Part) and Gondwanaland (Southern Part).

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