Thursday, December 13, 2012


A. Solar Eclipse:
  1. The condition in which Sun, Moon and Earth stay on the same line and the light from the sun is blocked by the moon as the result its shadows falls in earth and sun is seen blocked  by black object.
  2. Solar Eclipse occurs only in New Moon Day. Aunsi
  3. 2 types of solar Eclipse: Total and Partial Solar Eclipse.
  4. Solar Eclipse can last maximum for: 8 Minutes.
  5. Longest Solar Eclipse of 21st Century: 2066 Shrawan 7
  6. First Solar Eclipse seen: 2136 B.C October 22 from China.

B. Lunar Eclipse:
  1. When Sun, Earth and Moon lie on the same line, the earth’s shadow falls on the earth and moon is seen covered by black object .This condition of Eclipse is called Lunar Eclipse.
  2. When do Lunar Eclipse Occur? : - Only on Full Moon Day.
  3. Lunar Eclipse can last maximum for: - 4 Hours.
  4. Earth Orbit and Moon’s Orbit is tilted in the angle of: -5.15 Degree

  1. Nearest star of Earth? : - Sun
  2. Distance of Earth and Sun : - 14,88,000,00 K.M (9,30,000,00 miles)
  3. Surface temperature of Sun : - 5,400 Degree C
  4. Temperature in the center of the Sun :- 1,50,000,00 Degree C
  5. Diameter of Sun : -13,48,446 K.M
  6. Sunrays time to reach earth Surface: 8 min 20 Sec.
  7. Longest Day: June 21
  8. Smallest Day: December 22
  9. Time for sun to revolve around its orbit: -25 Days 5 Hrs.
  10. Sun’s Orbit is Called: Galactic Center

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