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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Environment and Sustainable Development

Environment and Sustainable Development:

  1. World become curious about Sustainable Development from? : - 1970 decade.
  2. Brut land Commission is related to : - Sustainable Development
  3. When was Environment and Sustainable Development Commission formed? : - 1983 on the Chairmanship of Norwegian President Gro Harlem Brutland.
  4. Title of 1987 Brut land Commission: - “Our Common Future”
  5. UN 38th General Assembly formed the Commission on environment and Sustainable development in 1983 A.D.
  6. Stockholm convention on Human and Environment: - 1972 June 5 to 26.
  7. Earth Summit: 1992 June 3 -14: Rio De Generio, 2002: South Africa, Johannesburg, 2012: Rio de Generio, Brazil
  8. According to Environmentalist what is the required percentage of forest land to ensure balance in the environment? : - 43%
  9. From when “Environment and Land Policy” was regulated in Nepal? : - 6th Plan
  10. From when “National Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines ” presented in Nepal? : - 2050/2/4 B.S
  11. World Environment Day:  - June 5
  12. World Environment Slogan 2011: - Forest: Nature at your Service.
  13. World Environment Slogan 2012: -Green Economy: Does it include you?
  14. In Nepal (Kathmandu Valley) when was “Public Vehicle Emission Test Check” started formally? : - 2051/1/1
  15. Who is the president of “Environment Protection Council” of Nepal? : - Prime minister.
  16. Agenda-21 is related to: - Mountain environment.
  17. When was “Environment Protection Act” introduced in Nepal? : - 2053 B.S
  18. When did “Vehicular Pollution Standards maintained” in Nepal? : --2056 B.S
  19. The 3500 K.M long forest wall is being made in South Africa like Great Wall of China.
  20. International union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) was established on : - 1984 A.D
  21. United nation Environment Programme (UNEP) was established on : - 1972 Dec 15
  22. International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade: 1981 to 1990 A.D
  23. For the safety of Ozone Layer, the International Summit was held in Montreal Canada in 1987 A.D (Montreal Protocol).
  24. Kyoto Protocol was signed in 1997 in Japan (Kyoto), to save Ozone Layer.
  25.  Nepal become the member of IUCN in : - 1973 A.D
  26. International Environment Price  established by UNEP : -“Global-500
  27. “Goldman-Price” was first received by Indian Mahesh Chandra Mahato in 1996
  28. First Nepalese to receive “Global-500”: - Dr. Krishna Kumar Pandey.
  29. In interim Constitution 2063 in which Dhara “Environment Protection Act” is mentioned? : -Dhara 35(5)
  30. Yearly Earth’s surface temperature is increasing by how much percent? : 4%

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