Sunday, December 16, 2012

General Knowledge on World History

  1. Father of History: Herodotus
  2. Into how many periods or parts world History can be studied: 5 parts. 
  3. Five Periods of World History: Pre-Historical, Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Contemporary. 
  4. Which Civilization is most developed civilization relating to Human: Greek Civilization
  5. Ancient period in the world History: 3rd Century to 5th Century of B.C
  6. How old is Ancient Greek Civilization: 3400 B.C years old. 
  7. Charles Darwin in 1859 A.D published the book which tells that human beings evolved from Ape species of Monkey and still today we believe so. The name of the book is "On the Origin of Species".
  8.  Which river is the boon for Ancient Greek Civilization: Nile River
  9. World famous Pyramid are related to Ancient Greek Civilization. 
  10. The King in Ancient Greek Civilization was called: Farao(फरहो  )
  11. During Ancient Greek , whose period is called the Golden Period: Amenhotep IV(अमनहोटेप  चतुर्थ)  )
  12. सुमेरियन सभ्यतामा समयमा  हिरास र अमन  भन्नाले क लई बुजिंथियो ? सुर्य  देवता 
  13. The main God of Sumerian : Sun and Moon.
  14. Sindhu Ghati(सिन्धु  घाँ टी ) Civilization is also known as : Haddapa and Mohanjoddo Civilization. (हद्दपा rर मोहन जोद्ठो शभ्यता   ) 
  15. Where is  Haddapa and Mohanjoddo Civilization. (हद्दपा rर मोहन जोद्ठो ? Punjab, Pakistan
  16. Actual meaning of Mohanjoddo : Dead body's (लाशको थुप्रो )
  17. When was Sindhu Ghati Civilization developed? From 2700 b.c to 1500 B.C
  18. In Mesopotamia Civilization Priest and temple were the center of the Knowledge.
  19.  Sinhu Ghati Civilization, Meospotamia Civilization, Ancient Greek civilization and Chinese Civilization is also called River Ghati Civilization. 

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