Sunday, December 16, 2012

Medieval Period

  1. In World history the period between the collapsing of  the Roman Emperor  and the discovery of America is called Medieval Period. 
  2. The period of end of slavery system in Europe and rise of सामन्ती प्रथा  is known as Medieval Period. 
  3. In Medieval period the owner of all lands in the country would be the King
  4. The farmers were catagorised  as Slave Class people in Medieval Period
  5. Ancient Greek Civilization is also called Unani Civilization. 
  6. The birth of Drama took place in Unani Civilization.
  7. The country was called Polish during Greek or Unani Civilization. 
  8. Main crops grown in  Unani Civilization : Wheat. 
  9. The civilization evolved in the bank of Tiber River : Roman Civilization. 
  10. Cement was first used  during Roman Civilization. 
  11. The founder of Roman Emperor: Peter Leeward
  12. God Of Unanis: Zeus
  13. Pyramid means the mummy of Greek kings, 
  14. Modern name of Mesopotamia is Iraq. 
  15. Roman Civilization started the 365 days in a year and also the monthly calender. 
  16. 1 month = 4 Weeks, 1 hrs = 60 minutes and 1 min = 60 sec all these calculations credit goes to Babylonian. 
  17. When did Chinese Civilization raised ?  2697 A.D
  18. Silk, Paper, Publication House, Tea, Placards, Soybean was first used in  China. 
  19. End of Western Roman Emperor : 476 A.D
  20. End of Eastern Roman Emperor: 453 A.D
  21. When did Columbus Discovered America ? : 1492 A.D
  22. Great  Scientist born during Medieval Period: Tomeli, Copernicus, Fruno and Galileo 
  23. In Europe which century o is considered as last period of Medieval period: 15th Century. 
  24. After which revolution , Medieval period ends? French Revolution
  25. In the Medieval period how much percent of total income should be paid to Church by the farmer? : 10%
  26. This compulsory rule to pay to the Church by the farmers was called Tyth
  27.  Founder of Islam ?  : Paigambar Mohammad 
  28. The war between Islam and Christian during medieval period lasted for 200 years. This war was called Kused. 
  29. The ancient Greek from 3000 b.c to 2500 b.c is called Pyramid Age or Period.  

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