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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

World Biggest,Smallest,Tallest and Longest

World Biggest: 

  1. Ocean: Pacific Ocean
  2. River: Amazon (South Africa)
  3. Island:Greenland(Denmark)
  4. Desert:Sahara (Africa)
  5. Lake:Caspian Sea (Russia)
  6. Building: Pentagon
  7. Museum:British Museum(London,UK)
  8. Bridge:Aukland(Sanfrancisco)
  9. Pyramid:Great Pyrmid of Egypt
  10. Airport:King Adbul AJiz (Saudi Arab)
  11. University:Indira Gandhi National Open University (New Delhi, India)
  12. Flag: Great American Flag
  13. Bird: Ostrich
  14. Land Animal: Elephant
  15. School:South Point High School, (Calcutta)
  16. Clock: Bigbell, London
  17. Railway Station:Grand Central Terminal(New York)

World Smallest:

  1. Country: Vatican City
  2. Continent: Australia
  3. Bird: Bee Humming Bird
  4. Tree: Tundra

World Tallest: 

  1. Mountain: Sagarmatha (8848m,Nepal)
  2. Plateu:Pamir (Tibet)
  3. Hotel in Highest altitude:Everest View
  4. Capital in highest altitude:Lapaz (Bolivia)
  5. City in higest altitude:Lhasa
  6. Building:Burz Khalifa(160 Storeyed and 818m)

World Longest:

  1. River: Nile
  2. Canal:Volga Baltik Canal
  3. Railway Line:Trans Siberian Railway
  4. Bridge:Dayang Kushung Grandbridge(China)

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