Sunday, February 21, 2016

SAARC Year's

1989: SAARC year of Combating Drugs and Drug Trafficking
1990: SAARC year of Girl Child
1991: SAARC year of Shelter]
1992: SAARC year of Environment
1993: SAARC year of Disabled Person
1994: SAARC year of The Youth
1995: SAARC year of Poverty Eradication
1996: SAARC year of Literacy
1997: SAARC year of Participatory Governance
1999: SAARC year of Biodiversity
2002-2003: SAARC year of Contribution of Youth to Environment
2004: SAARC Awareness year for TB and HIV/AIDS]
2006: South Asian Tourism Year
2007: SAARC Year of Good Governance
2008: Green South Asian Year.

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