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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Field Of Study-logy

  • Cosmology: Study of Universe
  • Entomology: Study of Insects
  • Epistemology: Study of Knowledge
  • Mineralogy: Study of  Minerals
  • Mycology:  Study of Fungi
  • Lekicology: Study of Words and Language
  • Entomology: Study of Insects
  • Geography: Study of Land
  • Gerontology: Old Age Study
  • Hematology: Study of Blood and its Disease
  • Hagiology: Study of Saints.
  • Herpetology:  Study of Reptiles
  • Ichnology: Study of Fossils.
  • Neurology: Study of Nerves 
  • Oneology: Study of Wine.
  • Nemerology. Study of Numbers. 
  • Oneology: Wine Study. 
  • Oneirology: Study of Dreams
  • Osteolgy.: Bones Study. 
  • Ornithology: Study of Birds. 
  • Orology: Study of Hills and Mountains.
  • Palaecontology: Study of Fossila.
  • Pedology: Soils Study
  • Petrology:Rocks Study
  • Philology:Comparitive Linguistic Study
  • Pteridology: Study of Fern
  • Sociology: Social Study relates to society and its people. 
  • Terminology: 
  • Toxicology: Study of Poison.
  • Trichology: Hair Study
  • Vexicology: Flags Study
  • Virology: Study of Viruses
  • Zoology: Study of Animals.

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