Friday, November 25, 2016

Jackie Chan Finally Wins Honorary Oscar After 56 Years And 200 Films.

With more than 200 films under his belt spanning a 56-year career, Chan finally received a gold statuette as one of four recipients of this year's Governors Awards in 2016. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

National Heroes of Nepal | gk questions of nepal with answers

Pasang Lahamu Sherpa

Pasang Lahamu Sherpa
Birth: 2018 Mansir 28
Birth Place: Chaurikharka VDC Surke Village ,Solukhumbu 
Father- Mother: Purbakitar- Angadarki Sherpa
Sagarmatha Climbing : 2050 B.S Baisakh 10, 2.50 Day.
National Heroes Declare on: 2059 B.S Baisakh 10
Title: Nepal Star
Death :2050 B.S Baisakh 11 While returning from Everest.
Tile: Queen of the Mountain

Adikavi Bhanubhakta Acharya

Birth: 1871 Asar 29
Title: Aadikavi ( First Poet)
Father: Dhananjaya Acharya
Grandfather: Shree Krishna Achrya
Birth Place: Tanahu, Chundi, Ramga
Publication : Ramayan, Badhusikchya, Bhaktamala, Prasnouttari
First Publication :Balkand, Ramayan

Death: 1926 B.S

Poet Motiram Bhatta

Birth: 1823 B.S Bhadra Krishna Aunsi
Place of Birth: Kathmandu, Bhosi tol.
Father-Mother: Dayaram- Ripumerdini
  Publication: Prhalad, Bhaktimala, Nitidarpan, 
Ukhan ko Bhakahan, Gafhaster, SAkuntala, Priyadarsika, 
Bhanubhakto ko jivani, Kamal bharmar,
Death: 1953 B.S

His Majesty King Tribhuvan

Date of Birth: 1963 B.S Asar 17
Father - Mother: Prithivi Bir Bikram- Laxmi Divyeswori
Rajyarohan: 1968 B.S at the age of 5.
Rajyaabhisekh: 1969 B.S
Shelter in Indian Embassy: 2007 Kartik 27 
Return from the India: 2007 B.S Falgun 4
Democracy announcement: Falgun 7 ,2007 B.S
Death: 2011 B.S Falgun 30 (Jurich Kanton Hospital,Sitzerland)

Bhimsen Thapa

Date Of Birth: 1832 B.S 

Birth Place: Gorkha,Borlang 
Died: 1896 B.S 
First Primeminister of Nepal 
Built: Sundhara and Dharhara

Bir Balabhadra

Died in Afghanistan He is remembered as a rel fighter in NalaPani

Amar Singh Thapa

Birth: 1808 B.S ,Tanahu

Death: 1873 ,Gosaikunda
Sayings: I am the son of lion not bone eater like dog

सम्बन्धित छवि
Real Name: BalBhau
Birth: 1300B.S
Arniko Day: Poush 14
Death: 1363 B.S in China

Ram Shah

Birth: 1643 B.S
Name of the State :Gorkha 
Father: Purendra Shah Ruling 
Period: 1663 to 1690 B.S 
Death: 1690 B.S 

Prithivi Narayan Shah

Birth: 1779 B.S Poush 27, Gorkha
Father-Mother: Narabhupak- Kausalyawati
Queen: Indrakumari and Narendra laxmi
Rajyarohan: 1799 B.S
First attack: 1980 B.S.
Makwanpur Victory:  1818 B.S in Second Atteck
Kritipur Attack: 1814 B.S (first) ,1821 B.S Second , 
1822 Victory Kathmandu Victory: 1825 B.S .
Asoj 13 Death: 1831 B.S

Dynasty: Thakuri
Title: Shree Kalhabhimani
Important Publication: Shabdabiddha
Biuld Kailashkut Bhawan
Died: 678 B.S

सम्बन्धित छविKing Janak
Important Saying
1, Never fight with each other
2 .Live happily together
3. Eat together
4. Be united.
5. Maintain peace in the world with unity

Gautam Buddha

Birth: 626 B.C Baisakh Purnima.
Childhood name: Siddhartha Gautam
Place of Birth: Lumbini, Kapilbastu
Father- Mother: Suddodan- Mayadevi
Name of Son :Rahul
Wife's Name: Yasodhara
  Enlightment : 588 B.C Baisakh Purnima
tTitle: Ligh Of Asia
Selfdied: 543 A.d Baisakh Purnima( Kusinagar, India )

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