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Thursday, January 26, 2017

50 Questions related to Science and Technology.

1.Who is the inventor of Diesel Engine? – Rudolph Diesel (1895)
2.Father of Electricity? –Michael Faraday
3.Inventor of Generator ?- Michael Faraday
4.When Michael Faraday did invented motor for water? -1930 A.D
5.Who is called “Prince of Experiment” ?-Michael Faraday
6.Father of Science? –Albert Einstein
7.Which is the first cloned animal? – Dolly 1996 (Sheep)
8.When and where was Archimedes born? -  E.P287 .Cecily, Greece
9.Who said “Give me a firm place to stand and I will move the earth”?-Archimedes
10.When and where was Galileo born?- 1564 A.D Feb 15, Pisa Italy
11.When did Galileo discovered Telescope?-1609 A.D
12.Who discovered thermometer?-Galileo
13.When and where was Isaac Newton born?-25 December 1642, Britain Lincosar
14.Father of modern Physics – Isaac Newton
15.Who discovered Atomic Theory?-John Dalton
16.When was Charles Darwin born?-12 Feb 1809 Britain
17.“The Origin of Species” and “Theory of Natural Selection” are the books written by Charles Darwin.
18.When did Luis Pasture invented vaccine against Rabies?-1885 A.D
19.Who invented vaccine against Tuberculosis?- Luis Pasture
20.Who discovered theory that bacteria causes wound to grow more?- Luis Pasture
21.Who invented Gramophone? –Thomas Alba Edison
22.Thomas Alba Edison has record of inventing more things in science than any other Scientist in the World.
23.Who invented Radium?-Madam Curie
24.Who invented Radio?-Marconi
Unit of Sound is Decibel.
 25.Chemical formula of Salt that we consume daily is NaCl.
26.What is the percentage of Oxygen in the atmosphere?-21%
27.Father of Chemistry- Robert Boyle
28.Full form of ROBERT is Rocket Borne Emergency Radio Transmitter
29.Velocity of light is measured by photometer.
30.Light travel 3 lakh kilometer per second.
31.Red, Blue and Green are primary color.
32.Acidic value is measured in pH scale unit.
33.Expensive element in the world is Radium.
34.ATM in full form is Automatic Teller Machine.
35.Father of Genetics?-Greyer John Mendel
36.Optical fiber is related with telecommunication and satellite.
37.WWW in internet stands for World Wide Web.
38.When was E-mail started? -1976 A.D 9(America)
39.Mercury is also called Quick Silver.
40.Apiculture is related with study of Honey farming.
41.The things which should not be seen by naked eyes can be seen by Periscope.
42.Atmospheric pressure is measured with the help of Barometer.
43.AB blood group people are Universal Accepter and O group are Universal Donor.
44.Struggle for existence theory was developed by Charles Darwin.
45.Average weight of human heart is 300gm.
46.The distance covered by sun in one year is called Light year.
47.First astronaut of Asia is Fan Tuhan Vietnam.
48.Pomology is related with fruits study.
49.Who invented fountain Pen?-Waterman
50.Unit of sound is Decibel.

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