Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tallest-Longest-Shortest-Smallest-Largest-Fastest. in the World.

1.Tallest Animal in the world-Giraffe
2.Fastest Bird-Swift
3.Largest Bird-Ostrich
4.Smallest Bird-Humming Bird
5.Longest Railway Bridge-
Lower Zambesi (Africa)
6.Longest Canal (Ship)-Baltic White Sea Canal (152 miles)
7.Highest City-Wen Chuan (China) 16000 ft.
8.Largest Continent-Asia
9.Smallest Continent-Australia
10.Highest Country-Tibet (The Pamirs)
11.Largest Country(in population)-China
12.Largest Country(in area)-USSR, now CIS (Common Wealth of Independent States)
13.Largest Day- June 21 (Northern Hemisphere)
14.Shortest Day -December 22(Northern Hemisphere)
15.Largest Desert-Sahara (Africa)
16.Deepest Lake-Baikal (Siberia) Average depth 2300 feet
17.Largest Lake (fresh water)-Lake Superior (USA) (31200 sq.miles)
18.Largest Lake (salt water)-Caspian Sea
19.Largest Masque -Jama Masjid,Delhi, area 10000 Sq.ft.
20.Highest Mountain Peak-Everest (Nepal) 29028 ft.
21.Highest Mountain Range-The Himalayas
22.Longest Mountain Range-
The Andes (S.America),5500 miles
23.Biggest Museum-British Museum (London)
24.Largest Peninsula -India
25.Hottest Place (World)-Azizia (Libya,Africa) 136 F
26.Biggest Planet-Jupiter
27.Smallest Planet-Mercury
28.Highest Plateau-Pamir (Tibet)
29Longest Railway Platform
Sonepur Station(Bihar,India) 2480 feet long
30.Biggest Telescope-Mt.Palomar (USA)
31.Longest Railway Tunnel-Tanna (Japan) 13 1/2 miles
32.Largest Road Tunnel-Mount Blanc Tunnel (Between France and Italy),7 1/2 miles
33.Largest Volcano-Mauna Loa (Hawaii),crater 12400 in diameter
34.Longest Wall-Great Wall of China
35.Rainiest Spot (World)-Cherrapunji (Assam,India),annual Average 1041.78 inches Rainfall
36.Lightest Metal-Lithium
37.Biggest Temple -Angkor Vat,Kampuchia
38.Wingless Bird -Kiwi,New Zealand
39.Hardest Substance-Diamond
40.Largest Animal -Blue Whale,Recorded length 106 feet,Weight 195 tons
41.Largest land Animal -African Elephant
42.Biggest Flower-Rafflesia (Java)Indonesia
43.Largest Stadium-Strahov Stadium in Praha,Czech Republic accommodation 240000 persons
44.Largest Diamond -Mine Kimbarley,south Africa
45.Longest Corridor-Rameshwaram Temple Corridor (5000 feet.

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