Thursday, February 9, 2017

50 Questions related to Ancient History of Nepal.

1. First king of Gopal Dynasty? - Bhuktaman
2. Last king of Gopal Dynasty?-Yakshya Gupt
3. Which Dynasty ruled Nepal after Gopal  Dynasty?-Ahir Dynasty (Mahispal)
4. After Gopal and Ahir which Dynasty came to rule Nepal?-Kirant
5. First Kirati King?-Yalamber
6. Last Kiranti King?-Gasti
7. When did Licchavi Dynasty ruled Nepal?-300 B.C
8. First king of Licchavi Dynasty?-Jayadev First
9. What is the name of coin brought in use by Mandev ?-Manak
10. Which Licchavi King built Mangriha?-Mandev
11. How many years did Ansuverma ruled Nepal?-16 years upto 678 B.S
12. Who built Bhadradiwas?-Narendra Dev
13. Rato Machindranath Rath Yatra was started by-Narendra Dev
14. Indra Jatra,Lakhe Jatra,Krishna Jatra,Hile Jatra ,ShringaBheri Jatra was started by which king of Licchavi Dynasty?-Guna Kam Dev
15. When did group of 80 Artist went to Tibet leaded by Arniko from Nepal?-1317 B.S
16. Who was the ruler of China when Arniko went to China?-Kubla Kha
17. Arniko in China is also called as-Kwan Lu Knife, Nasthu
18. What is the Pagoda Style introduce by Arniko?-Paitaste
19. Who built Ashok Pillar in Lumbini?-Emperor Ashoka
20. Tax imposed on animal farming during Licchavi period was called?-Bhogkar
21. Tax imposed on agricultural product during Licchavi rule was called? -Bhagkar
22."Golden Period" in the history of Nepal is called during the regime of Lichhavi Dynasty.
23. Who was the king of Nepal when Emperor Ashok visited Nepal?-Sthunko
24. Oldest temple of Nepal-Swayambunath
25. Chief of Army during Licchavi period was called Mahabaladhyakcha
26. Nepal Sambat was brought in use by King Ragdev (936 BS)
27. First Malla King?-Aridev
28. From when Aridev started ruling as King of Nepal?-1258 B.S
29. Who started financial punishment for criminals?-Jaysthiti Malla
30. What is name of Malla king who distributed Kathmandu valley dividing into different parts along his sons?-Yakcha malla
31. Mahendra Malla fasted for any of his people dead.
32. Pratap Malla was proficient in 15 languages.
33. Who built Rani Pokhari?-Pratap Malla, 1727 B.S on rememberance of his son Chakrapalendra Malla.
34. Which King is considered as Powerful King during the Regime of Malla Dynasty?-pratap Malla
35. Who built Krishna Temple of Patan?-Siddhi Narsingha Malla
36. Kartik Dance and Narsinha Dance was started from the regime of Siddhi Narasigha Malla
37. In which style Krishna Temple of Patan is built?-Sikhar
38. Bhaktapur 55 Window Palace, Nyatpol Temple and Bhairav Temple was built by Bhupatindra Malla
39. Who is last Malla king of Kantipur? Jayaprakash Malla
40. World smallest coin JAVA is recorded in Guinness book of World record in the name of Malla King Jayprakash Malla.
41. Patan Last Malla King?-Tej Narasingha Malla
42. Who built Kasthamandap?-Laxmi Narsingha Malla
43. Where is Simraun Gan?-East Terai Bara District of Nepal now Simara
44. First King of Karnat Dynasty? - Nanyadev
45. Last king of Karnat Dynasty?-Harisinha Dev
46.Who is the founder of Khas State?Nagraj
47.Khas state broke apart and become Baise and Chaubise State(chaubise and Baise Rajya).
48."Kavi Chudamani Samrat" is also said for Bhupatindra Malla.
49.Army in Malla Regime were called?-Umrao
50.Pratap Malla built Rani Pokhari to console his wife when she was depressed after her son Chkrapalendra death.

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