Saturday, February 18, 2017

  1. Biggest river of Saptakoshi -Arun
  2. Smallest river of Saptakoshi?-Likhu
  3. Longest river of Saptagandaki-Kaligandaki
  4. Another name of Arun river?-Fungchu
  5. Biggest river of Nepal?-Koshi
  6. Mechi River of Nepal in India is called -Mahananda
  7. Koshi river of Nepal in India is called-Damodar
  8. Mahakali River in India is called Sharadha
  9. Babai river in India is called Sarayu
  10. Length of Saptakoshi-720 km upto Tibet
  11. River which flows South to North-Karmanasha
  12. Lenght of Karnali river?-507 K.M

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