Thursday, April 6, 2017

10 Questions and Answers from Chemistry

  1. The atomic nucleus was discovered by - Rutherford 
  2. Which  compound are responsible for acid rain?-Sulphur dioxide and Nitrogen oxide
  3. By which of the following can petrol fire be extinguished?-Carbon dioxide
  4. The main constituent of biogas is -Methane
  5. Ink is prepared from which compund -Dye
  6. Vinegar is actually -Acetic Acid
  7. Formic acid is a large component of -Anti Venom
  8. Calcium is a constituent element of -Marble
  9. Common salt that we eat everyday contains -Sodium and Chloride NaCl
  10. The pair of compounds used as anaesthetic in medicines -Nitrogen dioxide and ether

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