Thursday, April 27, 2017

Geographical Nicknames of Different country.

Land of Lakes: Finland
Land of Golden Fleece:Russia
Land of Marbles: Italy
Land of Cakes:Scotland
Land of Rising Sun: Japan
Land of Setting Sun: UK
Land of White Elephant: Thailand
Land of Thunder Storm: Bhutan
Land of Golden Temple: Amritsahar (India)
Land of Morning Calm: Korea
Land of Midnight Sun: Norway
Land of Seven Rivers: Punjab(India)
Lamp of History:Greece
Sorrow of Bengal: Damodar River
City of Seven Hills: Rome, Italy
City of Sky Crappers: New York
Pearl of Orient: Singapore
Sickman of Europe: Turkey
Holly Land :Jerusalem
Cockpit of Europe: Belgium
Forbidden City: Lhasa (Tibet)
Playground of Europe: Switzerland.
Dwarf City: Netherlands
Roof of the World: Tibet
City of Temples: Kathmandu

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