Sunday, April 9, 2017

GK Related to 18 SAARC summit

  1. What was the theme of 18  SAARC summit? "Deeper Integration for Peace and Prosperity"
  2. When and where was 18 SAARC summit held ? Nov 26-27, 2014, Kathmandu
  3. How many observer where there in 18 SAARC Summit ? 9 (European Union,China,Australia,Iran,South Korea,Mauritius,Myanmar,America and Japan)
  4. Only female head of the state among the eight member state was from which country? Sheikh Hasina Wazed from Bangladesh
  5. Who was the president of 18 SAARC summit? Primeminister Mr. Sushil Koirala
  6. Who will host 19 SAARC summit ? Pakistan
  7. How many declaration was made in the summit ? -36
  8. 2016 was declared to celebrate SAARC Year of Cultural Heritage.
  9. When was 17 SAARC held? 2011 , Maldives 
  10. Following are the participants of 18 SAARC summit? 
  •  NarendraModi- Prime Minister of India.
  •  SushilKoirala- Prime Minister of Nepal. (Host)
  •  MahindaRajapaksa- President of Sri Lankan.
  •  Nawaz Sharif- Prime Minister of Pakistan.
  •  Mohammad Ashraf Ghani- President of Afghanistan. 
  • Sheikh Hasina- Prime Minister of Bangladesh.
  • Abdulla Yameen Abdul- President of Maldives.
  •  LyonchhenTsheringTobgay- Prime Minister of Bhutan.


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