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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Gk related to Prithvi Narayan Shah.

  1. When and where was Prithvi Narayan Shah born? 1779 B.S Poush 27, Gorkha
  2. Name the father and mother of Prithvi Narayan Shah :Narabhupal Shah and Kausalyabati
  3. How many queens did Narabhupal Shah had ? 4(Chandraprabhawati,Kausalyabati,Buddhimati, and Subhadrawati)
  4. After how many months of pregnancy,Prithvi Narayan Shah was born ? 7 months
  5. Name the father of first wife of Prithvi Narayan Shah? Hemkarna Sen (King of Makwanpur)
  6. When did Prithvi Narayan Shah married to Indra Kumari? 1794 B.S
  7. Indra Kumari was first wife of Prithvi Narayan Shah,name the second one ?Narendra Laxmi
  8. Prithvi Narayan Shah married to Narendra Laxmi in 1796 B.S , name the father of Narendra Laxmi ?Ahiman Singh, Banaras
  9. Prithvi Narayan Shah changed his Gotra form Kashyap to Bhardwaj. 
  10. Who raised Prithvi Narayan Shah ? Chandraprabhawati
  11. When did Prithvi Narayan Shah first attacked Kritipur ?1814 B.S
  12. When did Prithvi Narayan Shah made second attack in Kritipur ?1821 B.S
  13. When did Prithvi Narayan Shah made victory over Kritipur ?1822 B.S
  14. Prithvi Narayan Shah victory over Makwanpur :-Asoj 24.1825
  15. Prithvi Narayan Shah victory over Nuwakot :-1801 B.S
  16. Prithvi Narayan Shah victory over Kathmandu,Lalitpur and Bhaktapur ?Asoj 13,1825/Asoj 24,1825/Mangsir 1,1826 B.S respectively. 
  17. Prithvi Narayan Shah victory over Sindhuligadi?1819 B.S
  18. Prithvi Narayan Shah victory over Dhulikhel :-1820 B.S
  19. When did Prithvi Narayan Shah made Kathmandu as capital city of Nepal ? Chaitra 10,1826 B.S
  20. When and where Prithvi Narayan Shah died ?1831 B.S, Devighat, Nuwakot. 

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