Sunday, April 23, 2017

Major rivers of Nepal-Saptagandaki

  1. Total length of Satagandaki:338 k.m
  2. Deepest river of Nepal;-Saptagandaki
  3. Assistant Rivers:Total 7(Kaligandaki,Budigandaki,Setigandaki,Madi,Daraudi,Marshyangdi and Trishuli)
  4. Biggest and smallest assisting rivers: Kaligandaki and Trishuli respectively.
  5. Coverage of Satagandaki :Lantang in the East to Dhaulagiri Mountain in the West.
  6. Origin of Kaligandaki: Mustang Bhot Mountain
  7. Origin of Madi:Annapurna Mountain
  8. Origin of Daraudi: Manaslu Mountain
  9. Historical name of Kaligandaki :Hariganga
  10. Historical  name of river Trishuli: Haraganga
  11. Kaligandaki and Trishuli mixes in place Devghat and is called Harihar Area (Religious Place)
  12. The only river where we can find Shaligram in the world ? Kaligandaki
  13. The deepest gorge of the World ?:-The gorge of Kaligandaki (18000 ft),Myagdi,Dana VDC
  14. Electricity generating capacity of Saptagandaki ? -21000 MW
  15. Annual water flow Capacity :-1713 Cubic Meter Per Sec
Other 2 main rivers of Nepal are Saptakoshi and Karnali

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