Sunday, April 23, 2017

Major Rivers of Nepal- Saptakoshi

  1. What is the length of river Saptakoshi ?- 702 K.M
  2. Area covered by Saptakoshi? Kanchanjunga of East to Langtang of West
  3. Annual Flow Capacity :-1564 Cubic Meter Per Sec
  4. Assisting Rivers of Saptakoshi : Sunkoshi,Dudhkoshi,Indrawati,Tamakoshi,Arun,Tamor and Likhu.
  5. Smallest and Biggest assisting rivers of Saptakoshi are  Likhu  and Arun respectively. 
  6. Origin of Indrawati,Likhu,Dudhkoshi and Tamor : Jugal Mountain, Rolwaling Mountain,Mahalangur Mountain and Kumbhakarna Mountain respetively. 
  7. Saptakoshi in India is called ? -Damodar
  8. Damodar in India is also known as "Sorrow of Bihar".
  9. Total electricity generating capacity : 
  10. How many doors are there in Koshi Barrage to control water flow ? 56
  11. When was Koshi Barrage build ? 1962 A.D
Other two major rivers of Nepal are  SAPTAGANDAKI AND KARNALI. Click on the link to know about them. 

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