Saturday, April 22, 2017

Quiz about water and River Resources of Nepal

  1. Which river is also known as the name of Uttarbahini ? Karmanasaha
  2. Longest Glacier of  Nepal?-Khumbu 32 k.m
  3. From where Saptakoshi mixes with river Ganges ? Karselama,Bihar
  4. Where do we find Shaligram in Nepal ?-River bank of Kaligandaki
  5. Origin place of river Budigandaki ? -Ganesh Himal
  6. Origin of river Bagmati ?Bagdwar
  7. What is the altitude of Tilico Lake ?4919 m from MSL
  8. Sanskrit name of river Arun ?Mahaprabha
  9. Origin of river Bhisnumati ?-Sapan Tirtha
  10. Origin of river Kankai ? Mahabharat Parbat

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