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Monday, April 17, 2017

Quiz Related to Nepal Geography (50 questions -Set 1)

  1. Total Land Area of Nepal-147181 sq km (56827 sq.mile)
  2. Average east-west length of Nepal-885 K.M
  3. Average South-North Length -193 K.M
  4. How much area of Asia do Nepal occupy?-0.03%
  5. What is the percent of Nepal area compared to the World area ? 0.003%
  6. How much percent of South Asia land do Nepal cover? 2.379
  7. Longitude and Latitude of Nepal ?-80 Degree 4 minute East Longitude to 88 Degree 12 Min East Longitude,26 Degree 22 Min North Latitude to 30 Degree 27 Min North Latitude
  8. Total District:75
  9. Total Zones:14
  10. Total Development Regions : 5
  11. Total Geographical Areas:3 (Terai,/Hills and Mountains)
  12. Districts in Terai,Hills and Mountains respectively:16,20,39
  13. International Boundaries:2 (South,East and West India,North is China)
  14. Biggest zone: Karnali (7889
  15. Smallest District: Bhaktapur(319 sq.Km)
  16. Biggest District: Dolpa
  17. New Local Body System in Nepal :744
  18. Zones which both touches India and China:6 (Mechi,Koshi,Sagarmatha,Janakpur,Seti,Mahakali)
  19. Zones boundary only to China;4 and only to India 4
  20. District boundary touching both India and China; 2 (Taplejung and Darchula)
  21. How much fast is Nepal time than International Greenwich Mean Time ? 5 Hours 45 Minutes
  22. Which Longitude refers to Nepal Mean Time(Pramanik Samay): 86 Degree 15 Min Longitude
  23. Which Mountain is based for Nepal Mean Time : Gaurishanka Himal
  24. When was Nepal divided into 14 zones and 75 Districts: Baisakh 1 ,2018 B.S
  25. When was Nepal divided into 4 and 5 Developmental regions ? 2029/3/13 and 2037/6/26
  26. Bhimsen Thapa divided Nepal into 39 Districts ,similarly how many districts were made during Rana Regime ? 35
  27. Who divided Nepal into 35 district ? Bir Sumsher
  28. Zones with 8 districts ? Bagmati
  29. Districts with no borders with its own zones ? 3 (Bhaktapur,Lamjung,Nuwakot)
  30. How many zones are named on the name of the river ?10
  31. How many zones are name based on name of Mountains and religious places ? 2 and 2 respectively
  32. VDC beyond Mahakali River ? Chadani and Dodhara
  33. District headquarter situated on highest altitude in Nepal? Simikot (2946 m) District is Humla
  34. District headquarter on lowest altitude in Nepal ? Jaleswor , Mohattari
  35.  District which has highest number of boundaries with other districts? Sindhuli (10)
  36. Which districts receive highest rainfall ? Kaski
  37. Northern point of Nepal lies in which districts? Humla (Point is Changla Bhanjyang)
  38. Southern point of Nepal? Lodawari, Jhapa
  39. Easter Point of Nepal ? Taplejung
  40. Least rainfall  is recorded in which districts ? Mustang
  41. How many mountains taller than 8000m are there in Nepal ?8
  42. Hottest place of Nepal ? Nepalgunj
  43. How many K.M of Nepal boundary in linked with India and China ? 1185 with India and 850 with China
  44. Which is the nearest sea from Nepal ? 1127 k.m ,Bay o Bengal,Indian Ocean
  45. City of Temple: Kathmandu
  46. Gateway of Mount Everest: Namche Bazzar(Solukhumbu)
  47. Gateway of Nepal is : Birgunj (Parsa Districts)
  48. Kashmir of Nepal : Jumla
  49. Deepest valley of the World ? Arun Valley
  50. Desert of Nepal :Mustang


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