Sunday, April 23, 2017

Water Resources of Nepal

Nepal is second richest country in water resources after Brazil in the world and number one in Asia. 7.06 percent of Nepal's land is covered by water. Mountains are the main source of water in Nepal. 
  1. Rivers in Nepal:- More than 1000 of more than 11 km
  2. Three biggest rivers of Nepal: Koshi,Gandaki and Karnali
  3. How much water storage capacity is calculated in all rivers of Nepal? :-202000 Million Cubic Meter
  4. Koshi,Gandaki and Karnali almost cover how much water storage ? 74% ie 148000 Million Cubic Meter
  5. How much electricity is supposed to be generated from the rivers of Nepal theoretically ?83000 MW
  6. How much electricity  is estimated to generate both technically and financially ? 42000 MW
  7. It is estimated that there are around 6000 rivers in territory of Nepal.
Nepal rivers are divided into three categories based on their storage,velocity and importance. They are as follows: 
  • First Class River
  • Second Class River
  • Third Class River
  1. Which rivers falls under First Class River :Saptakoshi,Saptagandaki and Karnali
  2. What are the rivers under Second class: Mechi,Kankai,Triyuga,Kamala,Bagmati,Banganga,Tinau,Rapti,Babai,Mohana etc 
  3. Rivers under Third Class River :Tilave,Jamuni,Hardinath,Sunsaari,Arjun etc
  4. First class rivers flow with big amount of water throughout the year and originated from snowy mountains. 
  5. Second class rivers are originated from Mahabharat range  and flow continuously though water volume is high during rainy season and gradually decrease during winter. 
  6. Third class rivers originates from Shivalik Range which volume rises high in monsoon and very lessor almost dry during winter.
There are 3 main rivers of Nepal : Saptakoshi, Saptagandaki and Karnali.

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