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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Wetlands of Nepal

There are 9 places which are included in Ramsar, as wetlands of Nepal. 
  1. Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserves
  2. Bishazari Lake,Chitwan
  3. Ghodaghodi Lake,Kailali
  4. Jagadispur Reservoir,Kapilvastu
  5. Sagarmatha National Park (Gokyo Lake),Solukhumbu 
  6. Shey-Phoksundo,Dolpa
  7. Rara National Park(Rara Lake), Mugu
  8. Gosaikunda Lake,Rasuwa
  9. Maipokhari,Illam. 
What is Ramsar Convention ? 
The Ramsar Convention is formally the convention on the conservation of wetlands of international importance and it was signed on February 2, 1971 in the Ramsar city of Iran.
  1. How many countries are the part of Ramsar Conventions ?169
  2. World's first Ramsar site was ? Cobourg Peninsula in Australia, designated in 1974
  3. The largest site of wetlands are ? The largest Sites are Ngiri-Tumba-Maindombe in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Queen Maud Gulf in Canada; these Sites each cover over 60,000 square kilometres.
  4. The countries with maximum number of wetlands site ? United Kingdom with 170 and Mexico with 142. 
  5. Which country have largest area under Ramsar Protections? Bolivia, 148,000 Sq. Km
  6. How many wetland area are noted in Nepal? 327
  7. How much area is covered by 9 area listed from Nepal in Ramsar Protection area? 34455 Hector
  8. When is World Wetland Day celebrated ? Feb 2
  9. World wetland day was celebrated from 1985, from when Nepal started celebrating this day? 1991
  10. Where is the head office of Ramsar ?Switzerland
  11. How much percent of world land is wetland? around 9%

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