Thursday, May 25, 2017

GK from Gorkhapatra Jestha 10 -Gk Nepal- Loksewa nepal GK-Loksewa GK

  1. How many local units were added by cabinet in Jestha 8,2074 meeting ? 22 (These 22 local unit were added in 12 districts). 
  2. How many local units are there in Nepal? 766
  3. How many Metropolitan, Sub-Metropolitan and Municipality are there in Nepal ? Metropolitan Municipality :6 , Sub Metropolitan Municipality :11 Municipality 270 Village Council:479 and Local Unit :766
  4. ‘Philanthropist and Youth Entrepreneur 2017’ award was received by which businessman ? Nirwan Chaudhary, Managing Director of Chaudhary Group and Chaudhary Foundation . This award was presented by Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. 
  5. As per the report based on International Stainless Steel Forum which country produced highest amount of steel in 2016 ? China
  6. How many new cities are to be established as per government plan in Postal Highway (Hulaki Rajmarga)? 10 (Gauriganj/Jhapa,Rangeli/Morang,Shambhunath/Saptari,Balwa/Mahottari,Iswarpur/Sarlahi,Mahagadimai/Bara,Bardaghat/Nawalparasi,Rajapur/Bardia,Bhajani Trishakti/Kailali and Tillouri/Kanchanpur).
  7. From when Government have decided to make foreign channel free from advertisement operating in Nepal ?  2074 Shrawan 1.
  8. Distance traveled by light in one year ? Light Year
  9. Which lens is also called converging lens ? Convex Lens
  10. The process of an animal or plant breeding with an individual of another species or variety is called Hybridization. 
  11. When did India launched SAARC satellite with the aim that South Asian countries can also utilize it ? May 5,2017
  12. Who become the new president in Iran following the election held in May 2017? Hasan Ruhani
  13. Who were  felicitated on the occasion of "HIRAK JYANTI" as HIRAK SAMMAN by NEPAL PRAGYA PRATHISTHAN ? Anandadev Bhatta,Chudamani Regmi,Jasraj Kirati,Dr. Tranath Sharma,Tejesworbabu Gwang,Dipnarayan Misra,Narayan Prasad Sharma, Rama Sharma,Snahkarnath Rimal and Shantadas Manandhar.
  14. As per Nepal Tourism Board list the main countries from where maximum tourist was reported in 2016 ?India,China,Srilanka,America and Britain.
  15. How many tourist visited Nepal in 2106 ? 753000
  16. Where did American President Donald Trump made his first foreign visit ? Saudi Arab (May 20,2017)
  17. Power capacity of Betan-Karnali Hydroelectricity  project? 688 M.W (Main investment of Employee Provident Fund)
  18. Full form of TITI ? Training Institute for Technical Instructions. 
  19. Force per unit area exerted against a surface by the weight of the air above that surface ? Atmospheric Pressure
  20. From when Human Rights Commission become the constitutional organ of Nepal ?2063 Magh 1
  21. Tallest building of the world ?  Burj Khalifa in Dubai (828m/2716ft)
  22. "Together for Tourism" was celebrated as Nepal Tourism Year in 2011
  23. Which animal fertilize in its head ? BED BUG (UDUS)
  24. Based on river system ,Nepal is divided into how many parts ? 3 (Koshi Pradesh,Gandaki Pradesh and Karnali Pradesh)
  25. North Atlantic Treaty Organization was established on? 1949 April 4 (Head  Office, Brussels,Belgium )
  26. When was Arab League established ?1945 March 22 (Head Quarter Cairo, Egypt)

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