Friday, May 5, 2017

Political Division of Nepal-gk Nepal-loksewa gk-Nepali gk in English-part I

  1. When was Nepal divided into 14 zones and 75 Districts ?  Baisakh 1,2018 B.S
  2. During the Regime Nepal was divided in how many districts ?39
  3. Nepal was first divide into four developmental region, when Nepal was divided in four developmental region ? Asar 13, 2029 B.S
  4. When Nepal was divided in five Developmental region ? Asoj 26,2037 B.S
  5. During Rana regime , Nepal was divided into how many districts ? 35
  6. Biggest District as per area ? Dolpa
  7. Area of Dolpa? 7889 Sq. KM
  8. Smallest District of Nepal? Bhaktapur
  9. Total area of Bhaktapur ? 119 Sq. Km
  10. Biggest and smallest zones of Nepal ?Karnali and Mahakali
  11. Area of Karnali and Mahakali zones ? 21351 and 6989 Sq. Km
  12. Which two zones have same area ? Koshi and Janakpur (9669 Sq. Km)
  13. Districts known as new country: Banke ,Bardiya,Kilali and Kanchanpur
  14. Districts with same area ? Bardia and Doti also Ramechap and Tanahu
  15. 5 biggest zones of Nepal ? Karnali,Seti,Gandaki,Sagarmatha and Bheri

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