Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Population of Nepal-gk nepal-nepali gk in english-loksewa gk-nepal gk-nepal gk

  1. First census of Nepal? 1968 B.S
  2. Census is done normally in the interval of 10 years. 
  3. Latest census of Nepal:-2068
  4. Total population of Nepal as per census 2068 ? 26494504
  5. Male and Female population as per census 2068 B.S ? 12849041 and 13645463 respectively. 
  6. Total male population in percentage ? 48.50 %
  7. Female population in percentage? 51.50%
  8. By how much number female population is more than male as per census  2068 ? 796422
  9. What is the population growth rate as per census 2068 ?1.35
  10. Population density of Nepal ? 180 people per Sq. KM
  11. Most populated district as per 2068 census : Kathmandu,Morang,Rupandehi,Jhapa and Kailali
  12. Least populated district as per 2068 census: Manang,Mustang,Dolpa,Rasuwa and Humla
  13. Geographical population distribution as per census 2068 : Mountain Region: 6.73%/ Hills: 43.01%/ Terai: 50.27%
  14. High density population area in Nepal ? 4416 people per Sq. KM (Kathmandu)
  15. Least density populated place in Nepal? Manang (3 people per Sq. KM)

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