Sunday, May 7, 2017

Science and Technology -Gk nepal-gk in English- part II

  1. Father of Modern Physics ? Sir Isaac Newton
  2. How many theory of motion did Newton established ? 3
  3. Force that pulls anything towards the earth is called ? Gravitational force
  4. Who invented Corpuscles Theory ? Newton
  5. Inventor of Atomic Theory ?  John Dalton
  6. When was John Dalton Born  and Died ? 6 September 1766 and 27 July 1844
  7. Who invented Generator ?Michael Faraday
  8. Father of Electricity ? Michael Faraday
  9. Who invented chlorine?  Michael Faraday
  10. Prince of Experiment ? Michael Faraday
  11. Who founded "Laws of Electromagnetic Induction"? Michael Faraday
  12. When did Michael Faraday Born and died? 22 Sep 1711 and  25 August 1867
  13. Who wrote the book "The Origin of Species"? Charles Darwin
  14. Founder of the theory "Theory of Natural Selection" ?Charles Darwin
  15. Born and death date of Charles Darwin? 12 Feb 1809 and 19 April 1882

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