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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Science and Technology -Gk nepal-gk in English- part 1

  1. Who is called the Father of Science ?: -Albert Einstein
  2. When and where Albert Einstein born ? March 14,1879 A.D Germany
  3. Albert Einstein is best known for which theory ? Theory of Relativity (1905 A.D)
  4. What is the mass-energy equivalence formula developed by Albert Einstein ? E=mc2
  5. When did Albert Einstein received Nobel Prize in Physics ? 1921 A.D
  6. Albert Einstein rejected the request for the post of President of which country ? :Israel
  7. Where is the brain of Albert Einstein preserved ? Princeton Hospital(USA)
  8. Where did Einstein studied? :-Swiss Federal Polytechnic (1896–1900; B.A., 1900) and University of Zurich (Ph.D., 1905)
  9. Wife and children names of Einstein : (Mileva Maric and Elsa Lowenthal), (Lieserl,Hans Albert,Eduard)
  10. When and where was Galileo Galilei born ?Feb 15,1564  Pisa, Italy
  11. Who discovered TelescopeGalileo Galilei. 
  12. What did Galileo Galilei discover in 1610?:-Four satellites of Jupiter
  13. What is Galileo most famous for? For making a telescope.
  14. Thermometer was designed by ? Galileo Galilei
  15. When did Galileo Galilei died ?8 January 1642
  16. When and where was Archimedes was born ?287 B.C and Sicily,Greece.
  17. Popular theories of Archimedes ?:-Archimedes principle, Archimedes screw, hydro statics levers. 
  18. The exclamation ‘Eureka!’ is famously attributed to which ancient Greek scholar ?Archimedes 
  19. "Give me the place to stand and I will move the Earth" who said this Famous quote ?Archimedes
  20. Who discovered the value of  π ?  Archimedes and its value is 22/7
  21. When did Archimedes died ?212 B.C
  22. When and where was Nicolaus Copernicus born ? 19 Feb 1473 A.D. Royal Prussia, a region that had been part of the Kingdom of Poland
  23. Who formulated a model of the universe that placed the Sun rather than the Earth at the center of the universe ? :-Nicolaus Copernicus. 
  24. When did Archimedes died ? 24 May 1543
  25. Nicolaus Copernicus is known for ? Heliocentrism,Copernicus' Law,Copernican principle. 

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