Tuesday, May 2, 2017

World Geography | GK Nepal | GK in English | Part I

  1. How many years back earth is believed to be born ? 4 Arab 60 Crore years.
  2. Total area of Earth ? 51 Crore Sq. Km 
  3. Total area of Earth in Sq. Miles : -17 Crore 70 Lakh Sq. Mile
  4. What is the polar diameter of Earth ?12714 K.M
  5. What is the equatorial diameter of Earth? 12756 K.M
  6. What is the perimeter of Earth? 40000 K.M
  7. Total Land area and Water area on Earth ? 14 Crore and 37 Crore Sq.Km
  8. What are the area covered by land and water in percentage? 21 and 71 percentage respectively. 
  9. How far is Earth from the Sun ? 14 Crore KM
  10. How many continents are there in this World ? 7( Asia ,Africa,  Antarctica , Australia, Europe,  North America, South America)
  11. Biggest continent :-Asia
  12. How much percent of total area of Earth do Asia cover ? 9%
  13. How much percent of land area of Earth does it cover ? Around 30%
  14. Around 60% of the planet’s human population reside  in which continent ? Asia
  15. Asia is known for for its vast diversity in terms of culture, environments, ethnic groups, economics, historical background, and also the government systems.
  16. Boundaries and Borders of Asia : There is actually no geographical separation as such between Asia and Europe. The two continents form a large landmass which is popularly called Eurasia. On the east of Asia you have the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean to the south and Arctic Ocean to the north.
  17. Biggest country of Asia : -China
  18. Smallest country of Asia:- Maldives
  19. Continent of Diversity: Asia
  20. Asia and Europe form a Large landmass in their geographical separations and it is called ? Eurasia
  21. Deepest lake in the World ? Baikal Lake (Russia)
  22. Highest Mountain in the World ? Mt. Everest (Nepal)
  23. Highest plateau in the world? Tibet
  24. Total countries in Asia ? 48
  25. What is "Roof Top of the World "  ? Tibetan Plateau

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