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Thursday, May 18, 2017

World Geography | Part II

  1. World second largest continent? Africa
  2. Biggest desert of the world ? Sahara (Africa)
  3. Biggest country of Africa ? Sudan
  4. Smallest country of Africa? Seychelles (451 Sq. Km)
  5. Biggest Peak of Africa ? Mount Kilimanjaro (19341 FT AMSL)
  6. Total area covered by Africa? 6% of Total Earth
  7. How much land of total Earth surface do Africa occupy ? 20.4%
  8. Africa is second most populated country in the world after Asia. 
  9. Africa is also known as Black Continent.
  10. Total area of Africa:-  29785000 Sq. Km
  11. Total countries in Africa ? 54
  12. Grass land of North America is called Prairie 
  13. Biggest Desert of the World ? Sahara
  14. Third biggest continent of the World? North America
  15. Who discovered America? Columbus
  16. When did Columbus found America ?1492 A.D
  17. Biggest country of North America ?Canada
  18. Smallest country of North America ? Saint Kitts and Nevis
  19.  Biggest Mountain of North America ? Mckinley(6194m)
  20. Where is the World purest water lake ? Superior Lake, North America

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