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Thursday, June 15, 2017

GK Nepal-Knowledge for Self Confidence- June 15,2017-GK of Nepal in English

  1. When did Kamal Mani Dixit died ? 2073 Poush 14 at the age of 87.
  2. Till today how many woman candidate have won Madan Prize ? 3 (Parijat,Jhamak Ghimire an Radha Poudel)
  3. When did Nelson Mandela died ? 5 December 2013.
  4.  When is International Day of Persons with Disabilities celebrated ? December 3
  5. When was National Trauma center inaugurated ? 2071 Mangsir 9
  6. Shortest woman of the world ? Jyoti Amge
  7. Which organ of human body is also called Blood Bank ? Spleen
  8. In the history of Nepal when was "Piskar Kan-da" happened? 2040 B.S Magh 1
  9. Which gland produce Insulin hormone in human body ? Pancreas
  10. How many Tigers are aimed to reach by 2022 in Nepal ? 250
  11. When was Kosovo declared as independent nation form Serbia ? 2008 Feb 17
  12. From when Gorkhapatra started to publish in multiple language ? 2064 B.S Asoj 1
  13. ISO-9000 is related to Quality and ISO-14000 is related to ? Environment Management
  14. Energy form the inner part of the earth due heat is called ? Geothermal Energy
  15. When was first paper note came into effect in the history of Nepal ? 2002 B.S Asoj 1

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