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Friday, June 9, 2017

GK Nepal Questions and Answers

  1. As per "Save The Children " report which country are ahead in maintaining Children Rights issue ? : 1st:Norway and Slovenia 2nd: Finland and 3rd: Netherlands.
  2. When did Donald Trump decided to separate form "Paris Convention" ? June 1, 2017
  3. Nation sports of Nepal ? Volleyball
  4. When did cargo flight of Nepali Army face accident in Kolti Airport in Bajura killing Pilot in Command ? 2074 B.S Jestha 16 (30 May 2017).
  5. As per Financial Survey (2073/2074) what percent of population reside in city area ? 58.2%
  6. As per Financial Survey 2073/74 how many percent of Nepalese family have toilet ? 88.2%
  7. What was the average daily expenditure of tourist in Nepal in 2016 ? 5400 (53 USD)
  8. What was the average stay of tourist in Nepal in 2016 ? 13.4 Days 
  9. In the history of Nepal which incident is also called "Basnet Parva" ? Bhandarkhal Parva
  10. Main agricultural product of Nepal ? Paddy
  11. Who won European Champions League 2017 ? Real Madrid
  12. Which personality of SAARC country is also called "GURUDEV"? Rabindranath Tagore (India)


  1. please separate the current affairs too it will be very much helpful for students


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