Sunday, June 18, 2017

Gk Question | June 19, 2017 | Nepal | Knowledge for Self Confidence | GK Nepal

  1. Postal Highway from Jhapa to Kanchanpur will be made in how many stages ?
  2. What is the total distance of Postal highway between Jhapa and Kanchanpur ? 1798 KM
  3. When and where 24th Asia Regional Meeting of Interpol is going to be held ? 2019, Iran
  4. When was Agriculture Development Bank Established ? 2024 B.S Magh 7
  5. When was Donald Trump declared 45th President of USA ?  2017 Januray 20
  6. When was Shulkapanta Wildlife Reserves was changed to National Park ? 2073 B.S Poush 7
  7. How many species of bird are found in Nepal ? 879
  8.  Which group of Nepal have been found effected by heredity disease called Sickles Anemia ? :- Tharu
  9. How many country have Air Agreement with Nepal ? 38
  10. Which gland produce Insulin Hormone in human body? Pancreas

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