Thursday, June 22, 2017

Gk Question | June 22, 2017 | Nepal | GK Nepal

  1. When was diplomatic relation between Nepal and Ivory Coast established? 2017 June 16
  2.  NFDC National Film 2073- Best Film of the year:-Chakka Panja
  3. President best Farmer Awars 2074 :-Afjal Hussain,Fish Farming, (Pidari,Sarlahi)
  4. Total student passed on SEE-2073 on regular basis ? 445564
  5. First political party established in Nepal ?  Nepal Pragya Pratisthan
  6. When was Public Service Comission established ? 2008 B.S Asar 1
  7. Who was awarded with Basundhara Shree 2074? Prof. Dr. Taranath Sharma
  8. First nurse of Nepal? Lamu Amatya
  9. Head Office of WWF ? Switzerland
  10. Who introduced "Agenda For Development" concept? Dr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali
  11. When was first test tube baby born in Nepal? 2061 B.S Falgun 20
  12. Which wrote "Lost Heritage of Nepal" ? Ramesh Dhungel
  13. From when Child Marriage is aimed to remove from Nepal? 2020 A.D
  14. Name the woman who made the record of two climb to Everest within 5 days ?Ansu Jamsepmpa
  15. When did Pakistani Ex-Prime Minister died? 2007 December 27

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