Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Religion and Culture | Gk Question | June 21, 2017 | Nepal | GK Nepal

  1. Capital city of "KUBER" ? ALKAPURI
  2. What is the nick name of "BHISMA PITAMAHA" ? DEVBRATA
  3. Mother name of INDRA ? BASUNDHARA
  4. Maternal Uncle (MAMA) of KAURAV? SHAKUNI
  5. God of Snakes? BASUKI NAAG
  6. Name of HANUMAN son ? MAKARDHWAZ
  7. Dance of Lord SHIVA is called? TANDAV
  8. What does 3 eyes of Lord Shiva denotes? Fire,Sun and Moon
  9. What is the favorite color of Goddess SARASWATI ? White
  10.  Wife of INDRA ? SACHI

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