Monday, July 10, 2017

Earthquake in Nepal | From 1990 till today

First great Earthquake in Nepal :- 1990 B.S Magh 2 (02:45 PM). Center was Chainpur, Sankhhuwasabha. 8.4 rector scale.

The next bigger earthquake felt after 1990 was in 2037 B.S. Epicenter was Bhajhang of 6.4 rector scale. Around 2500 house were destroyed. 

The earthquake of 2045 B.S of 6.6 rector scale also killed around 700 people and destroyed more than 65000 houses. 

The Earthquake of 2072 B.S Baisakh 12 of 7.6 rector scale was more harmful in terms of damage of lives and people than 1990. The epicenter was Barpak of Gorkha. 

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