Friday, July 28, 2017

GK 29 July | Gk about Nepal | Nepal GK

  1. When did ICAO removed Nepal from its list of  Serious safety Concern ? July 20 2017
  2. Number of foreign visitor in the year 2073/74 as per Immigration department of Nepal ? 8 Lakh 45 thousand 1 hundred 47
  3. Best Business School Rating and Ranking Award 2017 was received by : - ACE Institute of Management
  4. GHANTAKARNA CHATURDARSI is popular in which group of Nepal ? Newar
  5. World Best Consumer Digital Award 2017 war awardwd to which financial institute of Nepal ? Standard Chartered Bank, Nepal
  6. Which government unit first received international standard certificate in Nepal ? Passport Department
  7. Who won the presidential election in India held in 2017 July 17 ? Ramanath Kovind
  8. Who won the Womens World Cup cricket 2017 ? England
  9. Where is the breeding center of Vulture in Nepal ? Kasara, Chitwan
  10. Who invented ATM ? John Adrean Sepherd Baron

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