Saturday, July 29, 2017

GKIQ 30 July- Knowledge for Self confidence

  1. World oldest Tennis Tournament? Wimbledon Tennis Tournament.
  2. As per report by Nepal Telecom Authority how many percent of Nepal have internet access? 58.39%
  3. Where is the first branch of NAST established? Mahendranagar
  4. How much tax was collected in the fiscal year 2073/2074 ? 6 Kharb 7 Arab 67 Crore 10 Lakh
  5. Where is BUDDHCHITA found in majority in Nepal ? Kavre (Nepal)
  6. From where mobile phone first came in use ? America
  7. When Chief Justice Gopal Prasad Parajuli took oath for his post ? 2074 Srawan 2
  8. Name 5 highly populated country ? China,India,America,Indonesia and Brazil
  9. When and where will 13 South Asian Game will be held ? 2019 ,Nepal
  10. "Euro Money Award 2017" is received by Standard Chartered Bank Nepal

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