Thursday, August 31, 2017

Some Fact about Egg.

The chicken is one of the first domestic animals, appearing in China around 1400 BC.China produces most eggs, at about 160 billion per year. In the US, about 260 million hens produce more than 65 billion eggs per year. A hen can lay about 250 eggs per year as mentioned in Allamazingfacts

Despite their solid appearance, egg shells have thousands of tiny pores that allow moisture to leave the egg and oxygen to replace it. This meets the needs of the growing chick perfectly - the evaporating moisture makes more room for the growing chick while drawing in the additional oxygen it needs. In the 21 days it takes for a chicken egg to incubate, it will absorb about 8 pints of oxygen and release about 7 pints of carbon dioxide and about 18 pints of water vapor. 

Science Questions - 10 Questions - 31 August-gk nepal

  1. Which animal has three chamber heart ?  Octopus
  2. What is the unit of depth ? Fathom
  3. How many liters do One barrel Oil have ? 158.98
  4. Which planet is also called twins of the earth ? Venus
  5. Rhino horn is made up of ? Hair
  6. Full form of CDMA ? Code Division multiple access
  7. Where is the majority of asteroids found ? Mars and Jupiter Orbit
  8. Which planet have highest surface temperature ? Tantalum
  9. Which Element has highest boiling point? Venus
  10. Electric current is measured by ? Ammeter

Monday, August 28, 2017

Current Affairs 28 august

  1. How many election  constituencies has been finalized  and proposed by The Constituency Delimitation Commission (CDC)  for provincial and federal polls  ?  495 
  2. How many  electoral constituencies for the election of House of Representatives and Provincial assemblies ? 165 and 330 respectively 
Province 6 and Province 2 Difference: 
Province 6 (with 10 districts) has just 6 percent of the total population (1,623,602),  around 20 percent (27,984 sq km) of the total geography 
Province 2 (with 8 districts) which covers around 6 percent (9,661 sq km) of the total geography but has 20 percent (5,404,145) of population. 

Science Quiz-gk nepal-10 questions-29 Aug

1. Who discovered X ray ? W.K Rontjen
2. Which color have biggest wavelength ? Red
3. Value of  π (Pi) is 22/7
4. The Study of human being is called ? Anthropology
5. Which organs of Human body filters blood ? Kidney
6. The diameter of Moon is .......than that of the earth ? 1/4
7. Who is called the Father of Medicine ? Hippocrates.
8. How many days moon take to rotate around the earth ? 27
9. Solar Eclipse occur when the moon comes in between the sun and the earth.
10. Name the first communication satellite in the world?  Early Bird

Jagadamba Shree Puruskar 2073

Durga Baral famous cartoonist and artist wins Jadamba Shree Prize 2073. Durga Baral is also known as Vatsayan.

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Science Quiz- 10 Questions-28 August-GK Nepal

1. How many natural satellites are in our solar system ? -166
2. What is the symbol of Mercury ?-Hg
3. Write the Chemical formula of glucose ?-C6H12O6 
4. What is the full form of DNA ? - Deoxyribo Necleic Acid
5. Which acid is present in Urtica Dioica (सिस्नु ) ? Methanoic Acid
6. What is the full form of CFL ? Compact Flourecent Lamp
7. Who discovered Radium ? Madam Curie
8. Full form of DOTS ? Directly Observed Treatment Shotcourse
9. Chemical Formula of Butane is C4H10
10. Which gas is called Laughing gas ? Nitrous Oxide

Current Affairs 27 August.

  1. Who received Madan Prize (मदन पुरुस्कार -२०७४ ) ? Ghanasyam Kandel for his book Dhritarasta (धृतराष्ट्र ).
  2. From when Bharatpur Hospital has begun free kidney dialysis service ? 27 Aug 2017 Sunday
  3. Who won Saff U-15 Championship held in Nepal? Nepal lose 2-1 against India
  4. When did PM Sher Bahadur Deuba arrived Nepal after 5 days visit of India ? 27 Aug 2017
  5. What is the average rise in annual maximum temperature of the country Nepal according to a recent study conducted by the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DOHM) ?-0.056 degree Celsius.
  6. When did Government announce Rs. 1.25 Billion for aid for flood hit farmer ? Sunday 27 August 2017

Madan Prize 2073-मदन पुरुस्कार -२०७3

1.  Who received Madan Prize (मदन  पुरुस्कार -२०७४ ) ? Ghanasyam Kandel for his book Dhritarasta (धृतराष्ट्र ). 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Science Quiz-10 Questions-27 August

1. What groups are Human in food system ? Secondary Consumer
2. Value of acceleration due to gravity (g) on earth is  ? 9.8 m/s2
3. Lack of which component make look blue to human body  ? Oxygen
4. How many legs do butterfly have ?6
5. Entomology is related to which study?Insects
6. Hepatitis is also known as ? Jaundice
7. Full form of RBC is Red Blood Cell
8. LPG is mixture of methane ,butane and propane
9. Gravitational power of the sun is how much times bigger than that of earth? 28
10. Which element is universal solvent ? Water

Sports Quiz- 10 Questions-26 August

1. L.B.W is related to which sports ? Cricket
2. Which city hosted Olympic games 2012 ? London
3. From when Cricket world Cup started ? 1975
4. ACE is related to which sports ? Tennis
5. Standard width of the lane is how much ? 1.22 to 1.25 m
6. How many time Rafael Nadal has won french times ? 9
7. What are the standard distance of hurdler race for men ? 110  and 400mts
8. In Olympic swimming medley, in which order the swimmers swim ? Butterfly-Back stroke-Breast stroke-free style
9. What are the standard dimensions of Basketball court, for Olympic and world tournament ? 28m*14m
10. What was the first sport in which women were invited to compete at Olympics? Tennis

Friday, August 25, 2017

Economic Related Questions - 10 questions

1. Where is head office of International Monetary Fund located? United States 
2. When is national Tea Day celebrated in Nepal? - Mangshir 15
3. When is national coffee day celebrated in Nepal ? Mangshir 1
4. From when Dahrhara was opened for public to climb and visit ?2061 Falgun1
5. Name the first industrial state of Nepal ?  Balaju
6. When was Biratnagar jute mill established ? 1993 B.S
7. When was National Planning Commission established in Nepal ? 2017 Falgun 1
8. When was 1000 Rs note was circulated in market ? 2026 Baisakh 14
9. Which country is known as country of copper ? Zambia
10. Name the first person to announce(present)  annual budget in Nepal ? Matrika Prasad Koirala

Deepest,Longest and Biggest Rivers of Nepal

Gandaki is Deepest ,Karnali is longest with 507 KM , and Koshi is biggest river of Nepal. 

Smallest and Biggest Districts of Nepal

Dolpa is biggest district of Nepal and its area is 7889 Sq. KM whereas Bhaktapur is smallest district with an area of 119 Sq. KM. 

Tallest Temple of Nepal

Nyatpole Temple in Bhaktapur district is tallest temple of Nepal.

Nyatpole Temple

Longest Highway of Nepal

Mahendra Highway also called East- West highway is the longest highway road of Nepal. It is 1027.67 KM. All terai district touches mahendra highway except Parsa. The exact distance vary in different books and websites also. 

Temple at Highest altitude in Nepal

Muktinath Temple, located at Mustang district is the temple at highest elevation of 3749 m Above mean sea level in Nepal.
Muktinath Temple

Questions related to History of Nepal- 30 Questions

1. First constitution Assembly of Nepal was dissolved in which date ? 2069 Jestha 14
2.Name the second university of Nepal ? Mahendra Sanskrit University
3.The longest festival of Nepal is ? Rato Machindranath Jatra
4. When was Gagalal Shrestha hanged till death and where ?Magh 14,1997 BS
5. When did bhandarkhal Parba happened ? 1903 B.S, 12 Kartik
6. Funeral process of 13 days introduced by which Rana King ? Juddha Sumser
7. Name the first communist prime minister of Nepal ? Man mohan Adhikari
8. Who was the first king of Mahispal Dynasty ? Bari Singh
9. Name the last king of Gopal Dynasty ? Yaksha Gupta
10. How many prime minister were appointed during the rule of King Tribuvan? -6
11. Who spoke for least amount of time during UN general assembly ? Dawa Tshering
12.From when royal flag in Narayanhiti Palace was displaced by National flag of Nepal ? 2065 Asar 1
13. From when census started in Nepal  ? 1968 BS
14. Name the first army chief of Nepal? Kaji Kalu Pandey
15. When did Girija Prasad Koirala DIed ? 2066 Chaitra 7
16. When did second world war ended? 1945
17. First Martyr of Nepal? Lakhan Thapa
18. Who become the youngest women prime minister ?Benazir Bhutto
19. Name the last king of Kirat Dynasty ? Gasti
20. Passport system in Nepal was introduced by ? Bhimsen Thapa
21. When did French Revolution happened ? -1789 A.D
22. Which is the world oldest city known? -Damascus
23. In which bank of river Egyptian Civilization was created? -Nile
24. "Maharajadhiraj" title was first used by which king ? - King Amsuverma
25. Who introduced Gai Jatra ? -Pratap Malla
26. Name the First Martyr of Nepal?-Lakhan Thapa
27. "Tiger of Home but Jackal of Forest" is title of which Prime minister of Nepal? Chandra Shumser
28. " Dying is to Born Again" who said this? -Sukraraj Sastri
29. Who introduced women education in Nepal ? Bir Shamser
30. When did Makai Parba took place in Nepal ? 1977 B.S

Also CLICK for more questions.

History of Nepal- 10 Questions- 25 August

1. When did French Revolution happened ? -1789 A.D
2. Which is the world oldest city known? -Damascus
3. In which bank of river Egyptian Civilization was created? -Nile
4. "Maharajadhiraj" title was first used by which king ? - King Amsuverma
5. Who introduced Gai Jatra ? -Pratap Malla
6. Name the First Martyr of Nepal?-Lakhan Thapa
7. "Tiger of Home but Jackal of Forest" is title of which Prime minister of Nepal? Chandra Shumser
8. " Dying is to Born Again" who said this? -Sukraraj Sastri
9. Who introduced women education in Nepal ? Bir Shamser
10. When did Makai Parba took place in Nepal ? 1977 B.S

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Nepal GK in English-25 August-History of Nepal-10 Questions

1. First constitution Assembly of Nepal was dissolved in which date ? 2069 Jestha 14
2.Name the second university of Nepal ? Mahendra Sanskrit University
3.The longest festival of Nepal is ? Rato Machindranath Jatra
4. When was Gagalal Shrestha hanged till death and where ?Magh 14,1997 BS
5. When did bhandarkhal Parba happened ? 1903 B.S, 12 Kartik
6. Funeral process of 13 days introduced by which Rana King ? Juddha Sumser
7. Name the first communist prime minister of Nepal ? Man mohan Adhikari
8. Who was the first king of Mahispal Dynasty ? Bari Singh
9. Name the last king of Gopal Dynasty ? Yaksha Gupta
10. How many prime minister were appointed during the rule of King Tribuvan? -6

Also CLICK for more questions.

Nepal GK in English-24 August-History of Nepal

  1. Who spoke for least amount of time during UN general assembly ? Dawa Tshering
  2. From when royal flag in Narayanhiti Palace was displaced by National flag of Nepal ? 2065 Asar 1
  3. From when census started in Nepal  ? 1968 BS
  4. Name the first army chief of Nepal? Kaji Kalu Pandey
  5. When did Girija Prasad Koirala DIed ? 2066 Chaitra 7
  6. When did second world war ended? 1945
  7. First Martyr of Nepal? Lakhan Thapa
  8. Who become the youngest women prime minister ?Benazir Bhutto
  9. Name the last king of Kirat Dynasty ? Gasti
  10. Passport system in Nepal was introduced by ? Bhimsen Thapa

Bird found only in Nepal

Spiny Babler also called Kande Bhyakur(काँडे  भ्याकुर ) in Nepali only found in Nepal. Similarly Nepal Rain Babler is also only found in Nepal.

Spiny Babler

World smallest money(coin).

"JAWA" (जावा ) is the smallest money of the world. It was built during the rule of King Jay Prakash Malla in 1797 B.S.

Biggest Wildlife reserve of Nepal

Dorpatan Hunting reserve is the biggest reserve of Nepal. It covers area of 1325 Sq. K.M)

Longest Suspension Bridge(Jholunge Pul) of Nepal

Suspension bridge over Mahakali river is the longest suspension bridge of Nepal. This bridge is 1452.95 m long. This Jholunge Pul joins Mahendranagar with Chadani and Dodhara VDC. 

Suspension bridge over Mahakali river

Longest waterfall of Nepal

Hyatung Waterfall ( Jharna)
Hyatung Waterfall ( Jharna) is the longest waterfall in Nepal. It lies in Terathum district and is 365m long.

Lowest Altitude of Nepal-Lowest point of Nepal

 Kechana Kalan, Jhapa is the lowest point of  Nepal with altitude of 60 m. Some website shows altitude of 70 m above AMSL. Musaharniya Tol at Dhanusha district has the lowest altitude at around 56.3 m, but this awaits confirmations.

Lake at Highest Altitude of World.

Tilicho Lake
Tilicho Lake is the lake at the highest altitude of the World. It is at 4919 m above MSL. Tilicho Lake is  located in the Manang district of Nepal. 

Gk Nepal-24 August

  1. Minimum capital for Infrastructure Development Nepal, as per Nepal Rastriya Bank ? 20 Arab
  2. "Asia Best Employer Brand -2074 " was awarded to which financial institute of Nepal ? Standard Chartered Bank, Nepal
  3. Who won UEFA super cup 2017 ? Real Madrid
  4. Who won the presidential election in Kenya held in August 8,2017? -Uhuru Kenyatta
  5. "Yuva Barsa Moti Puruskar 2074" is felicitated to  Gyanu Adhikari and Anupam Joshi.
  6. Which airlines received AOC for flying in Nepal on 26 Shrawan 2074 ? Shree Airlines
  7. What is the theme of 2017 International Youth Day ? Youth Building Peace.
  8. Until when Nepal has aimed to be promoted to Developing countries from partially  developed country? 2022 A.D
  9. World Ethnic Day is observed in August 9 of every year. 
  10. Biggest flood recorded till date ? 1931 Yellow river China

Monday, August 21, 2017

Neymar becomes most expensive footballer in transfer history.

The 25-year-old Brazilian football player Neymar was bought for a €222 million (£198,757,000; $262,821,000) by Paris Saint-Germain officially activating his release clause from Barcelona making the record for most expensive football player at single transfer.

For the equivalent of one Neymar you could buy three Boeing 737-700 passenger planes, 797 million Freddo chocolate bars, or enough spaghetti to cover the whole of Barcelona as per guinnessworldrecords.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Robot Dance: World Record

WL Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd in China holds Guinness World Records title for the Most robots dancing simultaneously.Total 1,069 synchronized machines were lined up and performed a perfectly choreographed dance in Guangzhou, Guangdong in 18 Aug 2017.


Friday, August 18, 2017

GK Nepal-Nepal gk-gk of Nepal

  1. How many vehicles run on average in one kilometer road  in Nepal? 30
  2. When did Government of Nepal declared Bird Flu free country for Nepal ? 2974 B.S Jestha 28
  3. When was bird flu first seen in Nepal? 2065 B.S in Jhapa
  4. When was Sher Bahadur Deuba elected for the fourth time as PM of Nepal ? 2074 B.S Jestha 23
  5. Which city is most expensive in the world as per latest report? Luwanda, Angola
  6. High earning football player as per Forbes 2017 ? Christiano Ronaldo
  7. Who won the titlte for Miss Nepal 2017 ? Nikita Chandak
  8. When did President Bidyadevi  Bhandari departed for Switzerland to take part in ILO conference ? 2074 Jestha 30
  9. Most expensive brand of the World? Search Engine Google Inc
  10. What is Cryptocurrency? Digital Money
  11. Country with highest economic growth of 2017 as per world bank ? Ethiopia (8.3)
  12. When was DTAA signed between India and Nepal ?2068 Mangsir 11
  13. When was head of Alkaeda, Osama Bin Laden killed ? 2011 May 2

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dances of different community in Nepal

  1. "DHAN NACH" IS celebrated by Limbu community. 
  2. "MARUNI NACH" is celebrated by Magar Community
  3. "GHATU NACH" IS celebrated by Gurung Commuity
  4. "KARMADHARMA DANCE" is popular in which community ? Jhagad
  5. "PAISERI NACH" is celebrated  in Dolpa District. 
  6. "LADDHI NACH" is popular in Tharu Community
  7. "TARVAR DANCE" is also popular in Tharu Community
  8. "KARKHA NACH" is celebrated in Gandaki Zone 
  9. "DHIME DANCE" is popular in Sherpa Community.
  10. "GEHADI" is popular dance in Majhi Community.

National Identity of Nepal

National Animal: Cow
National Color: Crimson
National Bird: Lopophorous
National Flower: Rhododendron
National Weapon: Khukuri
National Language:Nepali
National Game: Volleyball
National Festival: Dashain ,Tihar
National Instrumental Player: Madal
National Anthem: "Sayau Thunga Full ka Hami"

Vegetation of Nepal

  • Total forest area of Nepal ? 29%
  • Vegetation of Nepal is divided in how many parts ?
  1. Tropical Evergreen Forest (Up to 1200 m)
  2. Temperate Deciduous Forest (1201 to 2100 m)
  3. Temperate Evergreen Coniferous Forest(2101 to 3350 m)
  4. Alpine Grass Lands(3351 to 5000 m)
  5. Cold Desert Vegetation (5501 to 8448 m)
  • "CHAR KOSHE JHADI" falls in which types of Vegetation? Tropical Evergreen Forest
  • Moss and Lichen are found in which type of vegetation's ? Cold Desert Vegetation
  • Which development region is rich in Natural resources? Far Western Development region
  • How much percent of Far Western Region is covered by Forest ? 48.7%
  • From when Community Forest Development Programme was launched in Nepal ? Fiscal Year 2049/50 BS
  • How much forest was destroyed form 2020 to 2041 B.S ? 8 Lakh Hector
  • As per Economic Survey 2068/69 how many community forest are there in Nepal ? 15,535
  • Yearly 27000 hector of forest are being destroyed but how much hector is replanted ? 4 thousand hector.
  • When was Forest ministry established in Nepal ? 2008 B.S

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Quiz related to road and transport latest of Nepal

  1. How many vehicles are there in average in per km road in Nepal, as per Government of Nepal ? 30 (Including all roads gravel,black topped ,semi gravelled)
  2. By the end of Falgun 2073 Nepal road network extended to 87798 K
  3. Total vehicles registered in Nepal by the end of Falgun 2073 ? 2602986
  4. How many people use one vehicle in Nepal ? 11 (Total vehicle and total populations ratio)
  5. Longest Highway of Nepal ? Mahendra East- West Highway.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

GK Questions-A set of 25 Questions-Knowledge for Self Confidece

  1. Third biggest ocean in the World:-Indian Ocean
  2. Time to revolve around the Sun my Mars:-687 Days
  3. Full form of GMT :- Greenwich Mean Time
  4. Old name of some rivers: Dhobi Khola:Rudramati , Marsyangdi:Shitprabha ,  Arun:Mahaprabha, Daraudi:Bisowadhara
  5. Geographically Nepal is divide into how many parts ? 3
  6. Where was Martyrs Dasarath Chand born ? Baitadi
  7. What is the meaning of "Jakat" in Muslim community ? Donation (DAN)
  8. Head Office of UNEP ? Nairobi
  9. First country with whom Nepal established diplomatic relations ? Britain
  10. UFO means Unidentified Flying Objects
  11. How many stars are there in flag of European Union ? 12
  12. "United in Diversity" is the slogan of European Union. 
  13. Which organization is regarded as bridge in between SAARC and ASEAN ? BIMSTEC
  14. When was SAARC established ? 8 December 1985
  15. USAID- US Agency for International Development
  16. Full form of DPT ? Diptheria Pertusis Tetanus
  17. Pellagra is related to which Vitamin : B3
  18. Full form of BCG ? Bacillus Calmette Guirerin
  19. Father of Chemistry ? Robert Boyle
  20. "Give me a firm place to stand and I will move the earth": Archimedes
  21. When was Radio Nepal established ?2007 B.S Chaitra 20
  22. When did KOT PARBA took place in Nepal ? 1903 B.S Aswin 2
  23. The Light of Asia : Gautam Buddha
  24. When did First World War started ? 1994 July 28
  25. Where is Rupse waterfall ? Myagdi

Some Amazing Facts of Human body

  1. Our blood runs the distance of  around 19,000 km in our body in just one day.
  2. Total length of all nerves of human body is 75 KM.
  3. Our heart beats 35 millions times a year.
  4. Human makes around 20000 breaths per day.
  5. The Speed of our sneeze is 160 km/h.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Founder of Different Religion

  1. When and where was Shankharacharya was born ? 845 B.S, Baisakh Sukla Panchami in Kerala, India
  2. Actual name of Balmiki ?  Ratnakar
  3. Who wrote Ramayan ? Balmiki
  4. Where is Balmiki Ashram in Nepal ? Nawalparasi (Near Narayani River)
  5. Guru Nanak was born in April 15,1469 A.D
  6. Who is the founder of Sikh religion ? Guru Nanak
  7. When was Jesus Christ born and where ? B.C 4(December 25), Jerusalem 
  8. When was Jesus Christ was hang to death ? 30 B.C
  9. Founder of Jain religion ? Mahavir Jain
  10. When ad where was Mahavir Jain born ? 599 B.C, Vaisala (India)
  11. When and where did Mahavir Jain died ? 527 B.C, Pawagram
  12. Founder of Islam ? Paigambar Mohammad
  13. When was Paigambar Mohammad born ? 570 A.D
  14. When did Paigambar Mohammad died ? 632 A.D June 8

GK/ 10 August

  1. Who has been awarded as Best Employer Brand Award of Asia for the year 2017 ? Choudhary Group
  2. Local development Ministry has announced the cleanest city of Nepal and that is Dhankuta. 
  3. From when Pokhara Regional International Airport commenced its constructions work? 2074 Srawan 18
  4. World Friendship Day is celebrated on 30 July of every year. 
  5. Member state of WTO till today date ? 164

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Current Affairs July 2017

1. When is International Co-operative Day celebrated? July 1
2. What is the theme of 2017 International Co-operative Day ? Co-operative Ensures No one is Left Behind.
3.The 2017 International Plastic Bag Free Day (IPBFD) is observed on which date? July 3
4.Which football team has won the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup? Germany
5.Which country is hosting the 41st annual UNESCO World Heritage Committee conference? Poland
6.The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the end of the most recent outbreak of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
7. World Population Day is celebrated on 11 July every year.
8. Theme of World Population Day 2017 ? Family Planning-Empowering People-Developing Nations

GK-9 August-10 Questions

  1. Which state of America is called the "Mother of President" ? Virginia
  2. Red Salt is found in which country ? Morocco
  3. Which game is also called "Royal Game" ? Chess
  4. Which animal can laugh like human ? Hyena
  5. Which animal cry like human? Wolf
  6. In which river in the world fish is not found ? Jordan
  7. Which insects have highest number of eye ? Butterfly
  8. Where in the world sour honey is found? Brazil
  9. Which animal passes its stool and urine from its mouth ? Bat
  10. "E" is the most used alphabet in English language. Which alphabet is least used ? Q

General Knowledge -Monetary

  1. First established bank of Nepal?  Nepal Bank Limited
  2. When was Nepal Bank established ? 1994 B.S Kartik 30
  3. When was Rastriya Banijya Bank established ? 2022 Magh 10
  4. From when paper money came to use in Nepal? 2002 B.S Asoj 1
  5. When was Polymer money first introduced in Nepal ? 2059 B.S Aswin 14
  6. How many  types of paper note are there in Nepal ? 11
  7. Cleanest money of the World is of America and very dirty money is of which country?  Taiwan
  8. When was Rs. 1000 paper money was made public in Nepal? 2026 B.S Baisakh 14
  9. From when images of King and Crown was replaced by images of Sagatmatha in the paper money of Nepal ? 2063 Magh 25
  10. "BIPPA" was signed between India and Nepal in which date ? 2011 October 21

Monday, August 7, 2017

Friday, August 4, 2017

Knowledge for Self confidence : Gorkhaptra July 2 Wednesday

  1. When did Bibekshil Nepali Party and Sanjha Party united to form Bibeekshil Sajha Party ? :-2074 Srawan 11
  2. When did lower house of USA ie House of Representative passed the propossal to blockade Russia ,North Korea and Iran? :-2017 July 25
  3. When was diplomatic relation between Nepal and African country Antigua established? July 26 ,2017
  4. As per report of  Inland Revenue Department published on 10 Shrawan 2074, how much revenue was generated in the fiscal year 2073/74 ? Rs.258174985000 (Revenue was 11 % more than target)
  5. Where in Nepal SANKHA STAMBHA (संख स्तम्भ ) is built ? Mechinagar 10, Dhulabari ,Jhapa
  6. Kanke Caf Gold Cup -2017 is won by? America
  7. Where is national project RANI JAMRA KULRIYA Irrigation Project located ? Kailali
  8. Which organization received RISK REDUCTION AWARD comprising of one Lakh Euro ? Nepal Nursing Association
  9. When was Pakistani Prime Minister declared corrupted by Supreme Court and decided to removed from his post of PM ? July 28 ,2017
  10. Who will be awarded by 2074  Yugkavi Siddhhicharan Award ? Prof. Dr. Basudev Tripathi
  11. How many prime minister ruled during regime of RANA ?10
  12. "Nepal is the gateway for Himalayas " . To pass this message worldwide in the tourism market when was "International Travel Bloggers and Media Conference " was organized ? 2074, Jestha 18. Kathmandu
  13. How many metropolitan city are there in Nepal ? 6 (Kathmandu,Lalitpur, Biratnagar,Birgunj,Bhartpur and Pokhara-Lekhnath)
  14.  Which industrial area was established at the end among other industrial area in Nepal ? Rajbiraj Industrial Area
  15. Where is the UNO Environment Programme head office ? Nairobi ,Kenya
  17. Biggest municipality based on land area of Nepal ? Pokhara-Lekhnath
  18. When was new local government system  was established with the formation of 744 local bodies ? 2073 Falgun 27
  19. When was TITANIC ship faced huge accident ? 1912 A.D April 14
  20. Where is RAJARANI LAKE located in Nepal ? Dhankuta
  21. Where is Teaching Hospital for Birds and Animal is being established of advance technology ? Tripureswor,Kathmandu
  22. Global-500 Award is related to Environment and Grammy Award is related to ? Music
  23. As per Canada Cancer Society ,which country is listed as number one regarding the harmful warning information to be displayed in tobacco related products ? Nepal
  24. Which mosquito spreads Zika Virus ? Aedes aegypti
  25. Until when child marriage is aimed to end in Nepal ? 2020 A.D

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

United Nations Organizations :Organs, Specialized Organizations

  1.  After first World War which organizations was formed of International standard ? League of Nations.
  2. When was UNO established ? 1945 October 24
  3. How many countries gathered to establish UNO ? 51
  4. Where is the head quarter of UNO ? New York
  5. How many languages are approved for UNO ? English,French,Chinese,Russian,Spanish and Arabic
  6. What are the official languages of UNO ? English and French
  7. How many members are there in Security Council ? 15 (5 Permanent and 10 Temporary)
  8. Name the 5 permanent members of security council ? America,Russia,Britain,France and China
  9. Which member state first used their veto power ? Britain
  10. Which member country have used their veto power for most time ? Russia

The website GK-IQ.COM contains General Knowledge of Nepal and World. Many other aspects which comes under this universe are also accommodated with best effort possible. Every thing I learn and think important about any thing I try to cover in this website. There may be many mistakes, please feel free to comment about my mistakes. Thank you.

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