Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dances of different community in Nepal

  1. "DHAN NACH" IS celebrated by Limbu community. 
  2. "MARUNI NACH" is celebrated by Magar Community
  3. "GHATU NACH" IS celebrated by Gurung Commuity
  4. "KARMADHARMA DANCE" is popular in which community ? Jhagad
  5. "PAISERI NACH" is celebrated  in Dolpa District. 
  6. "LADDHI NACH" is popular in Tharu Community
  7. "TARVAR DANCE" is also popular in Tharu Community
  8. "KARKHA NACH" is celebrated in Gandaki Zone 
  9. "DHIME DANCE" is popular in Sherpa Community.
  10. "GEHADI" is popular dance in Majhi Community.

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