Friday, August 25, 2017

Economic Related Questions - 10 questions

1. Where is head office of International Monetary Fund located? United States 
2. When is national Tea Day celebrated in Nepal? - Mangshir 15
3. When is national coffee day celebrated in Nepal ? Mangshir 1
4. From when Dahrhara was opened for public to climb and visit ?2061 Falgun1
5. Name the first industrial state of Nepal ?  Balaju
6. When was Biratnagar jute mill established ? 1993 B.S
7. When was National Planning Commission established in Nepal ? 2017 Falgun 1
8. When was 1000 Rs note was circulated in market ? 2026 Baisakh 14
9. Which country is known as country of copper ? Zambia
10. Name the first person to announce(present)  annual budget in Nepal ? Matrika Prasad Koirala

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