Thursday, August 10, 2017

Founder of Different Religion

  1. When and where was Shankharacharya was born ? 845 B.S, Baisakh Sukla Panchami in Kerala, India
  2. Actual name of Balmiki ?  Ratnakar
  3. Who wrote Ramayan ? Balmiki
  4. Where is Balmiki Ashram in Nepal ? Nawalparasi (Near Narayani River)
  5. Guru Nanak was born in April 15,1469 A.D
  6. Who is the founder of Sikh religion ? Guru Nanak
  7. When was Jesus Christ born and where ? B.C 4(December 25), Jerusalem 
  8. When was Jesus Christ was hang to death ? 30 B.C
  9. Founder of Jain religion ? Mahavir Jain
  10. When ad where was Mahavir Jain born ? 599 B.C, Vaisala (India)
  11. When and where did Mahavir Jain died ? 527 B.C, Pawagram
  12. Founder of Islam ? Paigambar Mohammad
  13. When was Paigambar Mohammad born ? 570 A.D
  14. When did Paigambar Mohammad died ? 632 A.D June 8

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