Saturday, August 12, 2017

GK Questions-A set of 25 Questions-Knowledge for Self Confidece

  1. Third biggest ocean in the World:-Indian Ocean
  2. Time to revolve around the Sun my Mars:-687 Days
  3. Full form of GMT :- Greenwich Mean Time
  4. Old name of some rivers: Dhobi Khola:Rudramati , Marsyangdi:Shitprabha ,  Arun:Mahaprabha, Daraudi:Bisowadhara
  5. Geographically Nepal is divide into how many parts ? 3
  6. Where was Martyrs Dasarath Chand born ? Baitadi
  7. What is the meaning of "Jakat" in Muslim community ? Donation (DAN)
  8. Head Office of UNEP ? Nairobi
  9. First country with whom Nepal established diplomatic relations ? Britain
  10. UFO means Unidentified Flying Objects
  11. How many stars are there in flag of European Union ? 12
  12. "United in Diversity" is the slogan of European Union. 
  13. Which organization is regarded as bridge in between SAARC and ASEAN ? BIMSTEC
  14. When was SAARC established ? 8 December 1985
  15. USAID- US Agency for International Development
  16. Full form of DPT ? Diptheria Pertusis Tetanus
  17. Pellagra is related to which Vitamin : B3
  18. Full form of BCG ? Bacillus Calmette Guirerin
  19. Father of Chemistry ? Robert Boyle
  20. "Give me a firm place to stand and I will move the earth": Archimedes
  21. When was Radio Nepal established ?2007 B.S Chaitra 20
  22. When did KOT PARBA took place in Nepal ? 1903 B.S Aswin 2
  23. The Light of Asia : Gautam Buddha
  24. When did First World War started ? 1994 July 28
  25. Where is Rupse waterfall ? Myagdi

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