Friday, August 25, 2017

History of Nepal- 10 Questions- 25 August

1. When did French Revolution happened ? -1789 A.D
2. Which is the world oldest city known? -Damascus
3. In which bank of river Egyptian Civilization was created? -Nile
4. "Maharajadhiraj" title was first used by which king ? - King Amsuverma
5. Who introduced Gai Jatra ? -Pratap Malla
6. Name the First Martyr of Nepal?-Lakhan Thapa
7. "Tiger of Home but Jackal of Forest" is title of which Prime minister of Nepal? Chandra Shumser
8. " Dying is to Born Again" who said this? -Sukraraj Sastri
9. Who introduced women education in Nepal ? Bir Shamser
10. When did Makai Parba took place in Nepal ? 1977 B.S

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