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Friday, August 4, 2017

Knowledge for Self confidence : Gorkhaptra July 2 Wednesday

  1. When did Bibekshil Nepali Party and Sanjha Party united to form Bibeekshil Sajha Party ? :-2074 Srawan 11
  2. When did lower house of USA ie House of Representative passed the propossal to blockade Russia ,North Korea and Iran? :-2017 July 25
  3. When was diplomatic relation between Nepal and African country Antigua established? July 26 ,2017
  4. As per report of  Inland Revenue Department published on 10 Shrawan 2074, how much revenue was generated in the fiscal year 2073/74 ? Rs.258174985000 (Revenue was 11 % more than target)
  5. Where in Nepal SANKHA STAMBHA (संख स्तम्भ ) is built ? Mechinagar 10, Dhulabari ,Jhapa
  6. Kanke Caf Gold Cup -2017 is won by? America
  7. Where is national project RANI JAMRA KULRIYA Irrigation Project located ? Kailali
  8. Which organization received RISK REDUCTION AWARD comprising of one Lakh Euro ? Nepal Nursing Association
  9. When was Pakistani Prime Minister declared corrupted by Supreme Court and decided to removed from his post of PM ? July 28 ,2017
  10. Who will be awarded by 2074  Yugkavi Siddhhicharan Award ? Prof. Dr. Basudev Tripathi
  11. How many prime minister ruled during regime of RANA ?10
  12. "Nepal is the gateway for Himalayas " . To pass this message worldwide in the tourism market when was "International Travel Bloggers and Media Conference " was organized ? 2074, Jestha 18. Kathmandu
  13. How many metropolitan city are there in Nepal ? 6 (Kathmandu,Lalitpur, Biratnagar,Birgunj,Bhartpur and Pokhara-Lekhnath)
  14.  Which industrial area was established at the end among other industrial area in Nepal ? Rajbiraj Industrial Area
  15. Where is the UNO Environment Programme head office ? Nairobi ,Kenya
  17. Biggest municipality based on land area of Nepal ? Pokhara-Lekhnath
  18. When was new local government system  was established with the formation of 744 local bodies ? 2073 Falgun 27
  19. When was TITANIC ship faced huge accident ? 1912 A.D April 14
  20. Where is RAJARANI LAKE located in Nepal ? Dhankuta
  21. Where is Teaching Hospital for Birds and Animal is being established of advance technology ? Tripureswor,Kathmandu
  22. Global-500 Award is related to Environment and Grammy Award is related to ? Music
  23. As per Canada Cancer Society ,which country is listed as number one regarding the harmful warning information to be displayed in tobacco related products ? Nepal
  24. Which mosquito spreads Zika Virus ? Aedes aegypti
  25. Until when child marriage is aimed to end in Nepal ? 2020 A.D

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