Friday, August 25, 2017

Questions related to History of Nepal- 30 Questions

1. First constitution Assembly of Nepal was dissolved in which date ? 2069 Jestha 14
2.Name the second university of Nepal ? Mahendra Sanskrit University
3.The longest festival of Nepal is ? Rato Machindranath Jatra
4. When was Gagalal Shrestha hanged till death and where ?Magh 14,1997 BS
5. When did bhandarkhal Parba happened ? 1903 B.S, 12 Kartik
6. Funeral process of 13 days introduced by which Rana King ? Juddha Sumser
7. Name the first communist prime minister of Nepal ? Man mohan Adhikari
8. Who was the first king of Mahispal Dynasty ? Bari Singh
9. Name the last king of Gopal Dynasty ? Yaksha Gupta
10. How many prime minister were appointed during the rule of King Tribuvan? -6
11. Who spoke for least amount of time during UN general assembly ? Dawa Tshering
12.From when royal flag in Narayanhiti Palace was displaced by National flag of Nepal ? 2065 Asar 1
13. From when census started in Nepal  ? 1968 BS
14. Name the first army chief of Nepal? Kaji Kalu Pandey
15. When did Girija Prasad Koirala DIed ? 2066 Chaitra 7
16. When did second world war ended? 1945
17. First Martyr of Nepal? Lakhan Thapa
18. Who become the youngest women prime minister ?Benazir Bhutto
19. Name the last king of Kirat Dynasty ? Gasti
20. Passport system in Nepal was introduced by ? Bhimsen Thapa
21. When did French Revolution happened ? -1789 A.D
22. Which is the world oldest city known? -Damascus
23. In which bank of river Egyptian Civilization was created? -Nile
24. "Maharajadhiraj" title was first used by which king ? - King Amsuverma
25. Who introduced Gai Jatra ? -Pratap Malla
26. Name the First Martyr of Nepal?-Lakhan Thapa
27. "Tiger of Home but Jackal of Forest" is title of which Prime minister of Nepal? Chandra Shumser
28. " Dying is to Born Again" who said this? -Sukraraj Sastri
29. Who introduced women education in Nepal ? Bir Shamser
30. When did Makai Parba took place in Nepal ? 1977 B.S

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