Sunday, August 27, 2017

Science Quiz- 10 Questions-28 August-GK Nepal

1. How many natural satellites are in our solar system ? -166
2. What is the symbol of Mercury ?-Hg
3. Write the Chemical formula of glucose ?-C6H12O6 
4. What is the full form of DNA ? - Deoxyribo Necleic Acid
5. Which acid is present in Urtica Dioica (सिस्नु ) ? Methanoic Acid
6. What is the full form of CFL ? Compact Flourecent Lamp
7. Who discovered Radium ? Madam Curie
8. Full form of DOTS ? Directly Observed Treatment Shotcourse
9. Chemical Formula of Butane is C4H10
10. Which gas is called Laughing gas ? Nitrous Oxide

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